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As you will discover, getting gear in this game to equip yourself is fairly easy. However, you may not realize that your gear takes damage when you are defeated in combat. This is not just damage to your worn items but what ever you are carrying in your backpack as well.

This damage is expressed in the form of durability (which should not be confused with the non-word, nimbility). Anyway, durability starts at 100% and decreases each time you are defeated. The first time you are defeated, you may lose 3% to your durability. This simply means your damage absorbtion/reduction is 3% lower than normal. This also means your weapon is 3% less effective.

If you choose to leave it as it is, then the next time you are defeated, the new number might mean a 6% decrease or greater.

The remedy is simple. Go to a smith and repair this damage. It is a one click option. It is not expensive. If you are that hard up on gold, please message me. I will send you 10K to help you with this issue.

The repair returns your gear to 100% durability.

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