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Long, hard hours of concentrating in the freezing cold to bring up the finest of jewels from the depths of the lake took their toll on mind and body, but it was finally over and our intrepid adventurer was eager to crack them open and appropriate his newfound wealth's most valuable secret - when treated with the proper alchemical substances, these beautiful jewels not only yielded a harvest of smaller gems that could be traded for luxurious goods of all kinds, but they also contained that rare amethyst substance that was mineral, vegetable and animal all rolled into one: Arcanite.  As he lifted his potionifyed hammer to begin cracking, however, an irritating dwarf popped up out of nowhere and began tut-tutting.  "You can't do it like that," he said.  "The gems have to be struck individually to yield their harvest; if you salvage them by the stack, only one of them will give you the arcanite which you seek."

The settlement owner sighed, knowing the smelly seven-toed curmudgeon to be correct.  He quietly began separating his gems, sorting them into neat groups of one, wishing his hammer were the solution to every problem.



I'm thinking this has been discussed before, but I haven't seen an entry on the forum so I thought I'd add one. :)   Could a functionality please be added at some point so we don't have to break stacks up in order to receive the full amount of arcanite? 


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Your request has been approved and implemented (could not resist such a story). :)

Please note that each item has a 50% chance to produce Arcanite, so salvaging a stack of legendary gems does not guarantee an amount of Arcanite equal to the stack size. ;) 

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Excellent!! Thank you, Dan, this will save us pointy ears some frustration in the future.   We may live a long time, but some of us still suffer from impatience.:D

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