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So, we were working out some ideas at whether armor of different types is better than others! Averages are based on the original Armor calculation thread by Dan. It's based on average enemy damage for enemies of your same level, which means all of this is approximate.

The average amount of physical damage absorbed is based on the figure of 100% (assuming an average enemy will deal 100% of the average damage for the level) It also assumes towards end game, where all sets can easily have over 1425 armor. Further, I only posted the calculations for legendary. However, I can easily do the tables for lower tiers of equipment. This chart does NOT assume any player skills incorporated at all, since that would be really difficult to account for at this stage. If anyone has any suggestions on readability or questions about how things were calculated, let me know! I'll do my best to explain everything.

For average EDR:
The way EDR seems to work is that it lets you resist  the %Physical Resist*%EDR of your equipment. I got the exact medium and heavy set numbers from Dan just to be sure, but this seems to be correct, as far as we can tell.

Again, please post suggestions, clarity comments, anything at all if you need it answered, and I'll do my best! @Forum Blob and @Hyperion both helped me test some of the stuff in game, so huge thanks to them as well!

Assumptions for EDR by level and legendary.xlsx

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Forgot to give the picture for those without excel/calc
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Good work, Novarion!  I'm sure this will help a lot as aa general comparison of armours.  As a sidenote for anyone curious, there is a rough mathematical equivalency for armour and effectiveness when you are getting hit by a lot of damage.  Namely, once your effectiveness starts being smaller than the damage done, 1 point of armour = 1.1111111 points of effectiveness. So, in general, if you have the choice of losing sixteen effectivess to gain fifteen armour... the armour is the better deal!

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