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Crafting Question

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Dan, I am leveling another wayfinder but this time, I am using medium armor. In trying to keep the character as balanced as I can, I am looking to have strength at about 60%, dexterity at approximately 30% and 10% intelligence. At level 40, strength is 140, dex = 75 and int is 26 I think.

My question is about crafted medium armor. When I crafted the armor for level 40, the strength requirement to wear the armor is 170. How can I know what to craft the armor to get a strength requirement of 140 or 135? I mean, other than crafting it, recrafting it and using trial and error?

Is there some guidance you can offer or is there an old armor thread that is still relevant to current updates and changes?

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If my memory serves me well, attribute requirements for items are fairly linear: 10 base points plus 3 points per level for Junk and Common items or 4 points per level for Rare+ items.

I.e. rare level 40 item is: 10 + (4 * 40)

Simple! :) 

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