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Understanding Stat Basics

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Hello Flamefrosters!! , we are going to talk about the game's stat basics, and how they work for your benefit. A lot of newcomers were wondering how the stats effect the game play. Well the stats in the game are the building blocks and the foundation core of players success in Flamefrost Legacy. Understanding the stat purpose is vital in every aspect  of  one's progress in the game. Knowing this basic information of what  a stat does, and how to utilize it to one's advantage is  crucial. Once you have an understanding of the purpose of a particular stat, one can reap the benefits of  the outcome whether in combat e.g. (PVE or PVP).


Here is  some information on Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence and what purpose they fulfill in the game play experience.

**STRENGTH - The stat is vital in every aspects of the game for all classes. Keep in mind this stat like all the others have more than one purpose in the game. Knowing this is vital and beneficial  to all. Strength is great for increasing ones damage of attacks whether melee or certain spells that has a modifier on an ability or range attacks. Yes, your damage will increase its effects by this stat, but also it will increase one's hitpoints. Damage is always great, but extending ones life is always better too. Everyone will have to make a decision on how he or she wants to utilize this stat for their class development purposes. Keep in mind that strength can help hitpoints regenerate faster also. If you have the damage department well taken care of,  the extended life department is always a great investment  from this stat. Every wayfinder, incantatrix, and theruge can have just as much hitpoints as a vindicator who is  the top tank class in the game. One will just have to prioritize what he or she wants to develop first. You can never go wrong with long life and being strong. All classes can benefit from this stat, but more so vindicators' primary stat.


**DEXTERITY - This stat that is also vital to ones  in-game success. With dexterity, one can boost his or her accuracy in attacks whether melee or range attacks. This stat has its muitiple purposes in game play. Yes, accuracy for attacks along with evasion from melee attacks from mobs.  Just think about this for a moment. Would it not be reasonable for one to invest in one's defense for the sole purpose of survival  in this game? I will leave that decision up to you. You are the captain of your game experience. It's always  great to be versatile in one's class development. Dodging attacks against a mob is monumental in one's survival in combat if one wants to be successful in Flamefrost Legacy. There is nothing more important on the battlefield  than accuracy in attacks and evasion from enemy attacks. The bottom line is defense along with  the proper armor protection.  It is a recipe essential to the success and survival in class development. All classes can benefit from this stat investment, but more so wayfinders' primary stat.


**INTELLIGENCE - This stat is a great investment also in the game. If you really think about it, this stat gives life to all class abilities. It is the heart beat of one's special attacks whether range or melee spells. Intelligence is what deepens  a class mental power, and  that mental power is connected to the class mana pool. How strong is your mental strength  on the battlefield? Will you break and give up to retreat or stand your ground to the end. This stat  is critical in combat for all classes. It helps your mana  regeneration  and increases damage with spells and range attacks. Every class has their primary stats, but in my opinion, I believe this is the secondary stat because intelligence is needed on the battlefield. I think the one who displays a strong mental fortitude (intelligence) in combat will always be the victor!! Yes, intelligence is the bullets to your arsenal. If you have enough bullets for a gun, you will never have to worry about running out of them anytime soon. All classes can benefit from this stat, but more so Incantatrix and Theruges alike as a primary stat. 

Remember your success depends on your knowledge of your spells and skills in combat. If you know these basics, there will be no problem for you to "Ace It". I hope this answers all the questions on  the stat information for class development.  Good luck  to everyone!:D




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9 hours ago, Robyn Banks said:

finally found out that 600 total dex doubles your walking speed outside combat

Say Whaaaaaaaaat???!!!  (Adds Incantrix with Dex build to list of future characters)

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