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Broken Heart

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Sorry was not on yesterday

Got called in to work and when I came home my Main Koon, Arthur aka Lump aka Farfers Noogin passed away

He was my best friend of many years and my heart has broken completely

He was 28 pounds of love and silliness and I shall miss him terribly

Forgive my absence on such an important day for game, really sorry

My sadness overwhelms me...my best friend is gone...he was always there for me when I was sad or needed a friend

He used to lay on the bed beside me and put his big furry paws on my face to say he loved me

He also would sit in front of the fan, pretending he could fly ...or so I would tell myself so lol

And most of my chat typos was him "helping" me play lol

My +20 to hit battlecat has gone to Valhalla 

Miss you already buddy






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Oh no!! :(
I'm soooo sorry to hear that, I know exactly how you feel! That is absolutely horrible!

The same thing happened to me a couple of months ago and to this day I feel heartbroken as if a small piece of my soul has gone missing.
I thought it goes away with time, but I still can't look at any photos of my ex co-developer Missy without tears.

Here she is: 
934932_207459392738521_473688275_n.jpg?o )


You never realize how attached you become to these little familiars...

Crap, now I'm all sad too! :(

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What a beautiful baby ! Maybe Missy and Arthur are together ! Would be nice to think that.

Sorry didn't mean to make you sad

They are such a big part of our lives.......the hole they leave is massive and deep.......not sure how I am going to get over this

It is like a part of our very soul is gone ((hugs)) I am sorry Miss Missy is gone...but we will see them again one day....I just know it

Thank you Dan, your compassion is why I came to game today...to be with family

Slainte to our Angel babies.......forever in our hearts

Missy, take are of Arthur and show him around ! He is a good soul. :(


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