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Most of this info was copied from Dan's Shrine Update Post in the "News and Announcements" Subthread.  If you are new to the game, that is the next place to look after the "Tutorials" subthread for information on the game's mechanics.

 The shrine is, in a few words, a Naerathian's best friend.  Every shrine you lay down in the game is essentially your personal teleportation device, as well as your faction's greatest tool in its struggle for supremacy.

 A shrine must first be purchased from a specific vendor called the Shrine Builder.  The Shrine Builder is located in every city, often near a doorway for easy access.  Once you purchase the shrine, go to where you want to let it down, enter inventory, click the shrine and choose 'use on self' from the pop up window.  The shrine will be laid in whatever sector you're standing in and, from now on, you will be able to instantaneously teleport to this shrine from anywhere on the map.  To teleport to the shrine, you can select it from either the Shrine tab in your Character/Inventory window or from the 'Built Shrines' section of the global map.  One shrine per character can be laid in each region, and there are thirty-three regions where shrines can be laid.  You can lay your shrine on top of another shrine from your faction, but cannot place it too close to a shrine from another faction.  Shrines can never be laid in a town or settlement, and any shrine-free region will be listed on the 'region' section of the global map like this:

"Region Title"

Controlled By:


 Whichever faction has the most shrines in a given region has control of that region.  When your faction controls a region, all the experience points your skills earn are doubled.   Whichever faction controls the most regions is considered the leading faction of Naerath and the faction member with the most shrines is Naerath's Warlord

 At level 20 you gain two important tools in helping your faction control Naerath: you can upgrade your shrines and demolish enemies'.

 You can upgrade your shrines up to thirty-three times in an eight hour period up to a limit of fifty upgrades per shrine.  This means your can upgrade one shrine thirty-three times or every shrine once.  Either way, you will have to wait eight hours after the last shrine is placed before your can place any more. Note: This limit does not prevent you from placing shrines in new regions.  Upgrading a shrine makes it equal to that many individual shrines when counting for regional dominance.  It also makes your shrine more visible to other players.  A level one shrine can only be seen by a character within one level of yours: if you are level 20, only players level 19 - 21 can see your level one shrines.  For every level you upgrade your shrine, players an extra level above and below you can see it.  If you're level 20 with a level 5 shrine, players level 15 - 25 can see it.

 You can also demolish others' shrines, effectively erasing them from the map - and from regional dominance.  Demolishing a shrine will take time - two minutes for every shrine level (up to a maximum twenty minutes) and to minutes for every successful demolition you've already done (up to a maximum thirty minutes).  For example, if the first shrine you demolish is level one, it will take you two minutes.  If you succeed and go to demolish another level one shrine, this will take you four minutes.  The most time it can ever take is fifty minutes.  While demotion is in progress, you cannot refresh the screen, move your Character, engage in battle or do pretty much anything else.  During that time all of that shrine's owners will receive a notification that their shrine is under attack and they can challenge you to combat to protect their shrine.  TAKE NOTE: unless the shrine has only one level, there is a possibility that more than one shrine owner can retaliate against you.  This added protection is one very good reason to lay your shrine on top of one someone else's!  The only clues you have about the identity of the shrine's owner(s) comes from the faction and level, so be careful what you demolish!  It won't be pretty if your low-level self goes after a level fifty shrine, only to find out it was Mr. Dragon's and he *just happened* to be online at the time. :D  Fortunately for level twenties, if a high level shrine is demolished by someone more than one level away from you, it will only erase the upgrades: in the end you will still be left with a level one shrine.

I got some questions in chat about shrines and thought a tutorial would help.  There was some information I wanted to put in here but didn't have or couldn't remember: how far away you have to be from enemy shrines to place your own, whether controlling Naerath provides any bonus and whether allied/invisible shrines prevent you from placing your own.  If you know any of this or see something important I missed, please tell me!

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Well done brother of the White Worm !  Let's rock the guides !

HAHAHAHAHAHA...you HAD to get Dragon's shrine !!!! Too funny !

And you are alive, which shows the compassion from our G.O.D. !

ALL HAIL Dan the Dragon man...Game Operation Director extraordinaire !

So glad it wasn't ME for a change lol...but I will have your back during faction wars Hyper...ya know..just in case lol

Remember...Duck and Weave brother...Duck and Weave

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Going up against Dan?  That would have been so cool!!!  And short.  It  actually hasn't happened to me, *yet*, but I thought it made my case more convincing.  If Samedhi still played I might have used Totem Moth as an example instead... to subconsciously encourage people to attack Gatecrashers. :D  Not that faction wars have any place in the tutorials, right? ;)  Now, what faction houses the Dragon again?  I need to stay away from their shrines when I have an itchy finger....

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