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Fiona Phoebe Crane

Crane's Starter Guide- Section 1: Character Creation

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Section One:  Character Creation

Character creation in Flamefrost is actually more than just choosing race, appearance, class, and name.  Flamefrost also includes some background information for your character to add some variation to players.

Part 1: Classes

Currently Flamefrost has four playable classes: Vindicator, Incantrix, Wayfinder, and Theurge.  Since these aren't typical classes to games, I'll give a brief description of what each is according to my knowledge.  You can find more information from Dan's posts on each if my knowledge isn't enough.  Since there isn't a post by Dan about vindicators, I linked Solerus' guide which you can tell is good because he is a high level using his own advice.  To get to the posts just click the underlined portion of each class' brief description.


Vindicator: Vindicators, also known as vindie's are Flamefrost's warrior class.  Unlike  the other classes, Vindcator has some nice survivability if you know what you are doing.  Their damage is significantly lower than other classes from what most players say.  Vindicator in my opinion is a good starting choice as deaths are less frequent, and armor/weapons crafting is much less of a hassle (Cheaper materials and both weapons and armor share a skill)

Incantrix:  Incantrix is the typical elemental mage style of play.  I personally don't know too much about it, but from what I hear they are fragile but powerful.  If you want to be the type to kill things before they even reach you, this is the class for you.  This class would also be a huge asset to pvp pre-50 since elemental damage resistance is often low until level 50.  Crafting equipment requires a different skill for both armor and weapons. (Usually Tailoring + ) 

Wayfinder:  The game's hunter or huntress class.  These fellows specialize in bows and light armor.  Slightly better armored than Incantrix or typical Theugres, but still not as heavily clad as Vindies.  They have spells ranging from damage over time to crit buffs or even summoning bears!  They use Carpentry for weapons as well as leather working for their light armor.  I don't really know much about their play style.

Theurge:  The holy warriors of Flamefrost are the most flexible for play in my experience.  Equipped both with light and dark magic, they can heal or wreck havoc as they please.  They are relatively fragile if they choose to go with cloth armor, but they can use medium armor if they don't mind using stat points of base str as well as int.  Most equip themselves with an elemental wand due to its high damage and variation, but if you are going for a more Templar like feel you can go mace and shield.  Usually not a first choice as a solo character, would suggest making one after you are established in Flamefrost.  Also, when looking at abilities and combos, you have to change from normal form to shadow form in order to access shadow spells. 


Part 2: Race

There are currently 3 races in Flamefrost each with their own boost to base attributes.

*** Numbers in parentheses are (str/dex/int) ***

Human: (+2/+2/+2)  The best choice for either Incantrix or Theurge since it is the only one that boosts base int.  If you plan on a Templar Theurge you might consider Tul'Rhax for                                                     the extra strength so you can minimize the str wasted on armor.

Dwarf: (+4/+2/+0) Best choice for Wayfinders as it gives the same dex as human, but gives two more strength at the expense of intellect.  Since wayfinders deal physical damage strength is                                      of use to them.  Fair choice for Vindicator if you want a couple extra dex, but in the long run there isn't a need for base dex.

Tul'Rhax: (+6/+0/+0) Best choice for Vindicators due to the fact they should build almost pure strength to help with damage health and mana.


Part 3: Alignment and Factions

Alignment when making your character from my experience is mainly a way of figuring out which Faction(s) the game will let you choose.  There is a minor damage dealt and received bonus/penalty but that part is fairly up to the player to decide on.

There are six factions at the moment, and they play a major role in the game's community and pvp aspects.  When making your first character you should think hard about which faction to join, as some people help or target new players based on faction.  Guilds also usually aim for purely one faction or one faction and it's direct ally.  You should also not decide faction based on the game's lore since that is only partially true about the players in the faction.  You can look at this page to see what factions are currently ranked where as well as the total number of players in a faction.  Larger factions have an advantage in shrine warfare which helps you level faster, but smaller factions are usually more helpful since they need their fewer players to be stronger to survive.  There are also a lot of community opinions on the types of people in each faction, but I dare not start a forum war here;)  You can change factions on your character by paying 35 platinum which at the time of writing is 5.25 GBP, so I suggest finding a good faction before you go all out on your character in case you wish to remake it.


Part 4: Origins

Origins are where the real issues can occur.  These currently cannot be changed after character creation, and can actually dramatically effect you later on.

Monastery Child:  While the physical resist and extra exp are nice, the -35% consumables effect is actually a murderer since they make up the majority of your potential power.  Not to mention after level 50 physical resist isn't that great and 5% experience is blah.  Also, exp isn't what you need to level your character anyway.

Meht'Ilxeth Slave: The magic resist will come in handy after level 50, and the 5% exp loss isn't all that bad to be honest.  All around decent choice if you nothing else is better for you.

Southern Kingdom: While the boost to consumables use and production is great, the extra cold damage you take will be detrimental for one of the two post 50 locations, where you will take this damage most of the time.  Good to use for an alt you plan to only raise to 50 that will train cooking/alchemy.

Noble's Path: Only a decent option for Incantrix and Theurge.  If you don't mind not being able to equip most of the RNG loot you find, this is an okay option to gain a little extra survivability.  Wouldn't be my top choice though.

Assassin's Legacy: Not much to say about this one other then the fact it is near useless.  Just up your dex instead of taking this.  Having 20% lower health and mana isn't a smart move for anyone.

Chosen One: Literally worthless unless you are an extreme cheapskate or henchmen get a HUGE buff.  Avoid.

Carpenter's Apprentice: I wouldn't suggest getting this since no one uses staves and lowering you evasion isn't the best idea.  If you need that 20 boost to carpentry, I'd suggest making an alt to do carpentry.

Frozen Homeland: This one is another end game effecting origin.  The increased cold resist will help in one of the locations, but the poison and acid resist penalty will harm you in the other.  It is a good choice though if you don't mind being confined to the cold area late game.

Outsider's Blood: Likely not a good choice to take extra physical damage for a slight resistance to magical damage since before late game you will likely only train on physical mobs since they hurt less.

No Special Origin: If you can't decide or just don't like lifelong penalties this is the choice for you!  Honestly still a better choice than Chosen One.


Part 5: Childhood

Childhood further augments your stats from race.  The game will display the total stat boost from your childhood and race combined, but the following are how they change it separately from race.  Keep in mind you can get a negative boost, because that is a thing in this game. :)

*** Numbers are (str/dex/int) ***

Average:           +0/+0 /+0

Quiet:                -2/-2/+4

Troublemaker:    +2/-1/-1

Explorer:            -2/+2/0


Hope that information helps you make some more informed decisions instead of making decisions with zero knowledge of how they relate to gameplay.  If there is anything that needs clarifying or if anyone has some of their own info or opinions to add to make this more useful feel free to message me in game, on the forums, or simply comment here.  I will be more than glad to add new information or answer questions.  The next section of my beginners' guide will likely be on basic concept that are helpful to know for leveling, so any tips before I write that are appreciated too. Thanks for reading and may your journey be full of riches and dead bodies! :D



Edited by Fiona Phoebe Crane
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