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Settlement development tips

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Build order (for first settlement). Follow this EXACT order for a hassle free experience.
  • Salvage station,
  • Lumberjack tent
  • Wooden wells
  • Farm (you start with 10 mortar, this is the first building you should make using that resource)
  • Dwelling
  • Mortar station

If you screw up, ask your guild mates or on public chat for help. Lots of helpful individuals around (depends on the timezones somewhat). 

Build order for second settlement.
As long as you transfer resources from your first settlement and don't build any housing, you can make anything you want.

Minimum requirements for optimal space usage at 100 settlers. (defense not included)

  • Six water Fountains up to lvl 5.
  • Two gardens at lvl 10 at least (lvl 12 max), or 4 farms at lvl 7-8.
  • Nine housing complex (or less if you use Barracks/Stone Fortress)

For defense

  • Mithril towers provide 300 def per assigned settler, one tower maxed out uses 16 settlers for a total of 4800 defense.
  • 20 Stone walls, upgraded to lvl 3, provide 6000 defense, but take up a lot of space (80 squares), though use no settlers.
  • Spike traps cost only wood and some gold.  Since the lumberjack tent generates wood simply because your faction controls woodcutting camps, at times you'll have plenty of it.
  • Your minimum defense score is directly affected by the resources in your settlement. If you got a bunch of stuff you don't need and feel an attack is imminent, transfer some to friends (let them know first), or simply dump them to a settlement with no settlers.

After building Dwellings or Housing Complex, settlers will come within hours, make sure you have food, water and enough roofs for all. (You can turn some away if you wish).

Build a shrine. Even if you keep your defenses up, there are some Court of Justice cases that can turn ... bad. (I love those)


  • Farm Complex adds 200 Storage, then another 50 for each upgrade
  • Warehouse, 400 storage, then another 100 for each upgrade. (Takes up a lot of space, not really worth building more than one) 

Building upgrades.
First upgrade is usually half the cost of the initial cost. Second upgrade is first * 2, third upgrade is first * 3 etc. 

Worker units
Each building that uses settlers has them grouped in Worker units. Stone Quarry for instance has worker units made of 4 settlers. If you assign 3, they won't produce anything. Assign 4 and they'll bring in 10 stone/4 hours. For farms, gardens, towers etc 1 worker unit = 1 settler. 

Vendors. Some more obvious than others.

  • Leatherworkers sell leather goods.
  • Blacksmiths sell mostly metal items
  • Bow, crossbow makers, wands makers, staves sell primarily wood items.
  • Wand makers sometimes sell items with the "Cinder" prefix that salvage for treated wood and stone. "Ember" prefix is for luxury items.
  • There are some general vendors that sell a little of everything. You can find them in towns or ... in any settlement with people assigned to the Trade Hall.

Important resources:

  • Stone. You'll never have enough. When you do, you'll be raided because you were supposed to use it on defenses first.
  • Arcanite. Powerful stuff. Adds a lot to your required defense. Make sure it's used fast or raise those defenses really high.
  • Luxury goods. Useful for some buildings, but otherwise avoid them, like arcanite, they raise the defense requirements by a lot.
  • Mortar. Not hard to get, used by every important building, yet somehow easy to overlook.
  • Water, food. Negative growth is OK for a while, not too long though.

Things I have no idea about (I can read the description, but never built them, so I can't make a real assessment):

  • Lumber Mill
  • Woodland Tavern
  • Leatherworking Tent
  • Fletching Station
  • House of Imports
  • Arcane Tower
  • Smithery

Court of Justice cases ... I try to keep those to myself. Bad news for nice guys though, Sociopaths are the most fun (then again I play LE, so your definition of fun might differ).


Hope you find this useful, a lot of it was learned the hard way,


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Number of farms somwhere
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On 10/4/2016 at 2:35 PM, Pywackt said:

Things I have no idea about (I can read the description, but never built them, so I can't make a real assessment):

  • Lumber Mill
  • Woodland Tavern
  • Leatherworking Tent
  • Fletching Station
  • House of Imports
  • Arcane Tower
  • Smithery


I originally built a House of Imports back in my low levels of salvaging.  The thing is basically a huge waste of gold and resources.  IF you are in such desparate need for luxuries, you'd easily find a better deal than 1k each buying from another player.  Each worker unit adds a couple hundred to minimum defense as well, so a pain for the newer settlements that would use it.

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To add to the initial post:

It was written from my point of view as a player trying to build the maximum number of Dragon Guilds in the most efficient way (efficient = lazy.)

Stone is the most important resource in settlements, it will be used for fountains (and their upgrades), walls, barracks, towers etc. Because of the number of settlements and their size, you should probably make one that specializes in stone production either as first, or second.

By adding two fully staffed stone quarries, you'll be able to produce 40 stone every 4 hours. With the settlement maxed out you should be able to produce 150-160 stone every 4 hours.

Wood production. Build lumberjack tents, lots of them. For every woodcutting camp your faction holds each tent will produce 10 wood and 10 tents will produce 100 wood ...  Don't do this. Wood production increases your defense requirement by 110 for each 10 wood.

One last thing ... Jade Island is very small. Unless you plan on maintaining a very large garrison with towers, barracks/fortress or an extensive area full of traps, it will be very difficult to make it self-sufficient.

PS Thank you Cajunfried and Fiona. All your hard earned wisdom has been assimilated.

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Important correction
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