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Leatherworking: Introduction

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2) Leatherworking (difficulty: medium)
Sub-skill: N/A

Skill allowing to create light armour and leather shields.

Similar to Blacksmithing, Leatherworking requires a blueprint, a charged State Capsule and a piece of leather (or a pelt) taken from a slain animal.

Unlike with blacksmithing, however, pelts do not require to be transformed into any sort of ingots first, and can be used immediately after picking them up.

There are three types of leather, obtained from wolves, felines and bears.
However, various levels of animals produce different pelts, and some of the unique pelts can only be obtained from unique animals (spoiler alert: the only legendary pelt is obtained from a level 50 boss).

Final items can be enchanted.

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"State Capsule" is a type of gems that you can mainly obtain from Enchanted Lakes / Fountains.
They also appear as loot occasionally and I am working on introducing vendors that will sell these gems (as a shortcut to avoid the conjuration/disenchanting steps entirely). ;) 

If you travel to any enchanted lake (see "Crafting Resources" category on the world map (hotkey "m")) and press the "Conjure Gems" ability button you will see a screen as illustrated below.
All gems from the "State Capsule" category are used to store item quality (gems of a "Junk" quality can only store "Junk"; rare quality gems can store "Rare" quality and below ("Uncommon", "Common", "Junk") and so on).


Any gems obtained from a lake are "Empty" (uncharged) by default; you can either charge them by disenchanting item of the desired quality or by asking some of the disenchanters in the game to help you out (I'm sure some people will gladly sell charged gems on the auction). :)

I hope that helps! ;) 

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