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Infamous Bosses

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In the world of Flamefrost, there are high-ranking mobs in the game that are the most prized kills sought after by  skilled adventurers in the game.  They are one of the most vicious known mobs in the game called Infamous Bosses or IBs.  These bosses are spread throughout the continent of Naerath in certain regions. They are not your average mob or come close to elite status mobs.  IBs are far more powerful than elites and have more hit-points that reach beyond 1 million. An adventurer has to be more than prepared to take on any IBs.  One who do so will need help from another adventurer or he/she is heavily geared with sturdy armor, food, or potions for the climatic challenge to take down an Infamous Boss. Each boss is different in fighting tactics as well as its arsenal. E.g. ( A boss could immobilize you with its spellcasting ability where you would not be able to move or act in combat for a specific amount of time.)  If an adventurer is successful in defeating an Infamous Boss, they would have a chance to loot the best gear in the game which is called legendary gear. Legendary gear is  the most prized gear in the game by all adventurers. The gear itself could make an adventurer powerful in his or her prowess depending on how they are built.  Also, the gear can be enhanced further for improvements through crafting specialization learned to make the gear better. Legendary gear is a must- have, but  you will have to obtain it by  reason of killing an Infamous Boss first for it  to drop as loot. All those who dare to attempt to face an Infamous Boss challenge, Good luck and go get your gear!!! 




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