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Juggernauts of Naerth Recruitment

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Hi fellow allies, JoN is recruiting for those who would like to be part of an active guild for conquest and power over all the regions of Naerath. Yes, we are talking bout being able to adavance your character further than you an ever imagine. This is the guild that is going to do it. Juggernauts of Naerth will be setting up events for grinding xp for level advancements and skills. The purpose is get all members geared  and ready for the Elemental Planes conquest.  That's Right!!  Total domination over every boss in their respected planes, and in the meantime ranking up in (Elite Status Levels). If you want more out of just xping in spells, Juggernauts of Naerth is where you want to be. Recruitment is  open!



Lv. 104 Elite

Master Juggernaut 


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