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Landlord of the Month (July 2016)

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I would like to announce a forum competition for all landlords of Flamefrost and allow you to show your settlement achievements to the others. :)

The rules are quite simple: all you need to do is find the best bit of your settlement with the most "character" (be it a beautiful park, ominous desert, ancient druid village, a "city of white stone" or anything else), take a screenshot of it an upload to this thread until the 24th of July with a brief comment on what you were going for / what type of atmosphere you wanted to achieve in your settlement. :) 

Please also give your settlement a unique name in this post to make it easier to identify later. ;) 

After that all valid submissions will be transformed into a forum poll and you will have a week to vote for the settlement you like most (you will not be able to vote for your own submission; any votes like that will be discarded).

The top 3 settlements will receive the following prizes:

1. 600 Arcanite and 600 Stone for your settlement.
2. 200 Arcanite and 200 Stone for your settlement.
3. 50 Arcanite and 50 Stone for your settlement.

Submissions are allowed as of this moment.

Good luck!;) 

Note: At least 6 participants are required for this event. If we get fewer submissions than that I'm afraid the event will be cancelled.

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One thing I forgot to mention though (first post updated): this is not a "free resource giveaway" to the first person who submits a screenshot, so at least 6 participants are required. :) 
If we don't receive at least 6 submissions then I'm afraid there will be no voting or prizes.

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Let the competition begin!

Name of the settlement: Wayward Pines

Wayward Pines protected from all types of abbies. All enemies will be destroyed by Watchtower guard.
Nobody will be able to penetrate the walls of the Wayward Pines and no one can leave it. Muahahaha!!!  :D
Here is the most humane and fair court in Naerath! :D
In the settlement lives 28 people and they all feel safe (Defence: 6,5k+).
People are happy (Happiness: 8) to live in a beautiful and well-kept private settlement! :)

P.S. - I hope founder will prepare an additional prize for the first participant! :)


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Melanquin. Before and after the Saturday party.

Had some bandits over, they decided to stay. On a side note, their lord and master, a herbalist, is very happy with how fast the new crops coming along.


PS is there a way to induce raids without degrading the settlement?



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Thank you for your great submissions, everyone!

Unfortunately, as we haven't reached the total of 6 participants there can be no voting and the second part of the event (as well as the prizes listed in the initial post) will have to be cancelled. :(

However, I will get in touch with you in private to discuss the consolation prize that I'd still like to award you for taking time to participate in this competition. ;) 

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On 25/07/2016 at 11:06 AM, Tanzer said:

I had to run to work and didnt have time to participate :( terribly sorry

No problem. :)

Astralon, that's totally understandable too. ;)

No worries, this isn't the last competition; we'll have more "Landlords of the Month" in the future as soon as your settlements grow a bit.

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