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Trading with enemies

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In the game, I have frenemies. friends that are of the enemy factions. Not being able to trade directly with them means we have to go through the auction house, which can be both time consuming, and strange. I would love to be able to friend or enemy individuals. or at least trade with enemies. 

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Add a brookerage fee for each player. It scales for each based on the reputation of the side he's trading with and level.

So, a player at lvl 50 pays 20-30k, while the other player, lvl 20 pays 4000. (all random numbers).

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I hear what you're saying, but you're really, *really* not supposed to do that. :)
Can Horde trade with Alliance in World of Warcraft? Can Altmer trade with Dunmer in Elder Scrolls Online?
I could go on with dozens of examples, but you get the point: enemy factions are there not to make friends! :)

The only two reasons you have "frenemies" in Flamefrost right now is:

1) Because we have one public chat allowing hostile parties to communicate.
2) Because there are currently insufficient players in each faction to have at least a dozen of them online at all times, so you are forced to play with "whoever is available".
This is also the reason behind point #1.

I am doing my best to resolve issue #2 as soon as possible; we've already launched a number of new advertising campaigns (the number of new players has grown already) and we have a few more big events planned relatively soon.
So hopefully this inconvenience is only temporary and you will have more allies to play with.

But I do not think it would be a wise use of development time right now to implement "hacks" that allow to bypass the PvP restrictions and bring the enemy factions even closer than they are now. These factions are supposed to compete, not unite.

Other than that, I can also suggest a faction change for the interested party. ;) 

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As you may know from the change log, we now have "Mail Services" available in the game, which allow to transfer items and gold between any characters (even if they're offline).

Until our faction population grows a little I've decided to allow sending mail to hostile characters, so you should have this temporary facility for item exchange with any "frenemies" you may have. :) 

However, alliance-based restrictions will be applied to Mail in the future.

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