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Interactive Map

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Some time ago I promised to create an interactive world map section on our website; unfortunately, with all the work on Flamefrost's most recent updates and preparations for the launch I haven't had an opportunity to do so yet.

As a temporary solution to help you navigate around Naerath, we've created a map of locations and transportation networks (showing where you can travel from the key cities via caravans or ships).

This map also illustrates the approximate levels of each hostile location (or dungeon), level of the associated boss creature, or, if it's a friendly quest hub, level range of the quests that can be usually found there.

Here it is (click on the map to enlarge):



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Ahh Asyd pointed me to this.. Awesome sauce. that's what this game needs badly. Then most new players won't be so lost. TBH tho, i would say this needs to be implemented as priority really.. Most interaction i get from new players is that they don't know where the mobs are or towns are. I remember the Closed Beta days where the quests would say go to such and such location and i'm like... ok.... where is that. Was absolutely annoying.


Even if its not interactive it would be fine for now. I believe you should put this map in-game as is, so that players can still get a sense of where they are and where everything else is.

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