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Incantatrixes are enigmatic sorcerers studying extraplanar powers, beings and places. They wield a terrifying power to bend the time and space around them, using portals to connect worlds and merge powers from the various planes of existence.

Incantatrixes are a magical class focused on dealing lots of damage from a large distance.
Unlike Theurges, they have no melee potential, cannot wear Medium or Heavy Armour and have no magical shields to protect themselves from physical damage.
Incantatrixes will suffer more than any other class if surrounded by a large group in melee, but they wield an enormous destructive potential when it comes to magical ranged attacks and their portals allow to escape a tight situation and retaliate to a safe distance.

Incantatrixes are the only class with teleportation spells that deal damage and their spells have a greater range than the ones of a Theurge.
Additionally, Incantatrixes have an innate ability to wield crossbows as an optional alternative to wands and their Magic Missile ability is a rare spell that relies on the craft skill "Conjuration" (making Incantatrixes predisposed to the craft of Disenchanting, as their Conjuration skill has the ability to grow in combat).

However, although Incantatrixes do not have any melee builds (similar to Theurge's Paladin build), they have 8 elemental skills to choose from and their builds are based on one of the 4 elemental specialisations: fire, ice, acid and chaos/electricity.

On levels 8 and 12 Incantatrixes obtain their distinguishing abilities named "Junctions".
Junctions represent the ability to connect to one outer plane of existence and gain some of its powers and attributes.
These abilities are activated as quick action auras, similar to Theurge's Phantom, and only one Junction can be active at a time.

There are 4 Junctions in total:

  • Junction: Realm of Fire
    Connection to the Elemental Plane of Fire increases resistance to fire and damage output of all fire spells, but decreases all cold damage and introduces a weakness to such.
  • Junction: Stygia
    The frozen ocean of Stygia, home of the river Styx, is an exact opposite to the Realm of Fire junction, providing a bonus to all cold spells and increasing resistance to cold, while exposing caster to the fire damage and decreasing output of all fire spells.
  • Junction: Minauros
    An endless bog of vile pollution, covered with acidic clouds and rotting carcasses of the former travellers, is a layer of Hell that grants bonus to all Acid spells while its junction is active, but reduces damage output of all Chaos and Electricity abilities.
  • Junction: Time Vortex
    Also known as "the Plane of Time", this ever-changing vortex of pure chaos is beneficial to all lightning spells when used via junction. However, acid resistance and damage output are lowered.

Some Incantatrix abilities will not function together (e.g. either a Frost Shell or a Radiant Heat ability can be active at a time; otherwise one will replace another), so it's worth remembering the two opposite pairs: Fire vs. Cold, Acid vs. Electricity.

Below is a complete list of abilities unlocked at different levels by Incantatrixes:

Level / Ability
1    Magic Missile
2    Acid Bolt
3    Shield of Putrefaction
4    Ice Flare
6    Call Lightning
8    Fireball
8    Junction: Minauros
8    Junction: Time Vortex
10    Lightning Shield
12    Sphere of Ice
12    Junction: Realm of Fire
12    Junction: Stygia
14    Frost Shell
14    Shards of Styx
16    Time Capsule
18    Radiant Heat
20    Chaos Portal
22    Planar Door: Fire
26    Planar Door: Ice
30    Cloudkill
34    Sphere of Chaos
38    Time Hop
42    Imprisonment
46    Inferno
50    Time Stop

It is also worth noting that Incantatrixes are not all about "death and destruction": after achieving level 38 and learning the "Time Hop" ability Incantatrixes become one of the most useful classes to have in a group, as that ability allows to reduce the base cooldown of all spells by up to -2 rounds  for any selected ally.
Additionally, their Shield of Putrefaction and Lightning Shield abilities can be cast on the friendly targets too, which allows Incantatrixes to protect their friends from acid, poison and electrical attacks.

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For the record - this is the best class in the game.  They are not easy to play.  While Vindicators and Theurges can tank through most things with their armour and Wayfinders can summon aid to their side, Incantrixes (Incantrices?) need to use cunning and tactics to win the big ones.

  Their main stat is intellect, which is purely a damage output machine.  Wayfinders can dodge, Vindicators get massive health and Theurges can heal, but an Incantrix's greatest strength lies in his adaptivity.  Junctions allow them to change their strengths to their enemies' weaknesses.  Shards of Styx lets them change their weapon's base damage type and their variety of elemental attacks means adjusting to wildcards is a piece of cake.

  They Incantrix shines when grouping, being the backup... the kind with a crate of hand grenades and a bazooka.

  While other classes have their builds, being an Incantrix means going without a build.  It means constantly adjusting to the situation.  It means learning to think like a mage.  And... it means wearing nice clothes and some light armour while everyone else is getting sweaty in their hauberks. :D

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Excellent post ! Well done ! 

And Hyper.......Theurge is the best...just sayin' ;) and Wayfinder's..butt everyone already knows that

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Of course they are the best, silly me!

*Quietly leaves the white, padded room and locks the door*

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