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17 hours ago, Dan said:


@Weyah I'd definitely love to play what you're suggesting, but I'm not as excited that I'm the one who has to build it! :D
Great ideas though, one day I will get back into active expansion development and will certainly look into this. ;)

I have been working it out...think there is a very easy way to do this !  I need to polish it up but think it will work with almost no effort.

Plus this gives me something to work on...keep me out of trouble :D

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I think Pirates would be awesome ! That is the thing now in games. I have played a couple of games with Pirates and they are really cool !

Lots of people online. I have to say this game as it is is one of the BEST games I have played in a long time. Pretty much quit my others to play this one.

So much to do, I mean you stay busy and that is a plus. Weyah and Andvarri are high levels and they are always busy so that is something I look forward to.

Most games when you reach high levels have nothing to do ! Then game looses players. But this game rocks ! Always something going on.

And everyone is nice here, especially to new players. Not so much on other games. High level characters on other games have huge egos and so won't help new people....sad that.

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