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Faction Relationship Map

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Have you ever wondered "What are my faction's enemies?", "Who are my enemy's allies?" or something else along those lines?

It can be quite difficult to remember all the relationships and alliances between the six factions of Flamefrost, so here's a "relationship map" illustrating them all.

"Green" indicates an alliance (receiving shared bonuses from the regional and world domination), "Yellow" indicates neutrality between factions (i.e. neither friends or enemies, can help or kill other at a moment's notice) and "Red" means that the factions are enemies.

(click on the image to enlarge)


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(Allied Factions)(Neutral Factions), (Hostile Faction)
(Fatekeepers) + Hammerforge, neutral to Gatecrashers & Wyrms, hostile to Desecrated Circle & Silverclaw Druids.
(Hammerforge) + Fatekeepers, neutral to Wyrms, hostile against Silverclaw Druids, Gatecrashers, Desecrated Circle.
(White Wyrm Tribe) + Silverclaw Druids, neutral to Hammerforge and Fatekeepers, hostile to Gatecrashers & Desecrated Circle
(Desecrated Circle) + Gatecrashers hostile against everyone else.
(Gatecrashers) + Desecrated Circle, neutral to Silverclaw Druids and Fatekeepers, hostile to Wyrms & Hammerforge.
(Silverclaw Druids) + Wyrms, neutral to Gatecrashers & hostile to Fatekeepers, Hammerforge, Desecrated Circle.
I made this Section for myself trying to figure out, ^^ 

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Not sure what's going on up there but:

Desecrated Circle: Gatecrashers Silverclaw Druids | Fatekeepers | Hammerforge Legion | White Wyrm Tribe

Fatekeepers: Hammerforge Legion Gatecrashers | White Wyrm Tribe Silverclaw Druids | Desecrated Circle

Gatecrashers: Desecrated Circle Silverclaw Druids | Fatekeepers Hammerforge Legion | White Wyrm Tribe

Silverclaw Druids: White Wyrm Tribe Gatecrashers Fatekeepers | Hammerforge Legion | Desecrated Circle

Hammerforge Legion: Fatekeepers White Wyrm Tribe Silverclaw Druids | Gatecrashers | Desecrated Circle

White Wyrm Tribe: Silverclaw Druids Fatekeepers | Hammerforge Legion Desecrated Circle | Gatecrashers

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