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Phemia Silverstar

"Created by Phemia Silverstar" Part 2; or How to enchant items

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A little guide on how to enchant items

There are 3 ways to make any of your item better:

  1. Add skill bonus, e.g. "Conjuration"/"Light Armour" (only 1 per item)
  2. Add attribute bonus, e.g. "Dexterity" (up to 3 per item)
  3. Add predefined effect from runes, e.g. "5% chance for a weapon to cause fiery explosion" (up to 2 per item)

In total, you can add up to 5 bonuses per item depending on the item's quality


To enchant items you'd need:


1. "Empty" Item (an item without any additional attributes)

  • can be created using Tailoring*, Leather Working*, Carpentry*, Blacksmithing*
  • can be looted from enemies

2. Focus Crystal 

  • obtained from mines via Mining***

3A. Runes (for predefined effect)

  • obtained in the Enchanting Circles via Enchanting
    • Charcoal - obtained from mines via Mining***
    • Pearls - obtained from enchanted lakes via Conjuration***


3B. (Charged) Property Containers (for attribute or skill bonuses)

  • product of Disenchanting**


* See "Created by Phemia Silverstar" Part 1
** See "Created by Phemia Silverstar" Part 3
*** Simple crafts, needs at least 1 skill point to start.

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