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Robyn Banks

Robyn's Entry - Sir Vere De Pression

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Name                   : Sir Vere De Pression

Gender                : Male

Race                     : Human

Age                       : 42

Family                 : Wife (deceased), Daughter (missing).

Allegiance         : (former) Desecrated Circle, (former) Dull Dagger (guild).

Worships           : (former) Immerxil, (former) Arkh, (now) Exalia.

Class                   : (former) Vindicator, (now) Theurge (apprentice).

Appearance     : Tall and sturdy (Human standard). Very short hair (near bald, i dunno what's this haircut called xD). Wears light-grey-robe (supposedly, Exalia's pilgrim clothing)

Weaponry         : None. Excels on melee weapons and hand to hand combat. Wears small Rosary as substitute catalyst necessary to cast minor light and healing magic. And by Theurge standard, his magical prowess is actually sub par.

Attitude             : Doesn't talk much, suppressing his anger and self-loathing issues. He moves between small settlements, almost anywhere with Exalia's shrine built, preaching. Hates weapon and violence.
Backstory         :

He was a war orphan. Adopted and raised as a Vindicator by the guild master of Dull Dagger, a notorious guild from a distant kingdom that follows a strict code, secretly founded to do the King's dirty job. Mainly coercion and espionage. For those who heard the name for the first time, Dull Dagger sounds like the least intimidating name a person could come up with. But for those who are aware of if, Dull Dagger is the ultimate terror. The guild would have a chipped dagger sent to their target in advance. It was supposedly as a warning, although for the target, it simply means death. Then they would ambush them the next day (always) in broad daylight, attacking them and anyone who interfered. But never with the killing blow, befitting the name, leaving the target not quite alive, nor dead.

Despite the guild's fame, it's member are pretty much unknown. As they all lived a double life. Vere himself was a young Royal Guard in the kingdom-- hence the ' Sir '. He was always quiet and the King was very fond of him. One would guess it's because of his harsh upbringing. But it's actually because he started to question his life choices. He's well aware of the wrongdoing of the guild, but never really question it. At least not until one day, the job was a daughter of some noble. His targets are usually corrupt, to begin with. Mostly those who oppose the King, but this time, it's a young innocent girl. The Noble was too important to be left impaired. And that was the first time Vere-- more importantly, Dull Dagger, ever messed up a job. He killed the noble and then begged the King to spare the daughter. Disappointed, the King forgave him anyway, granted that Vere would fill the position of the noble he just killed.

He took the girl as his wife out of pity, partially as an atonement. From that time, Vere's life was getting more hectic. He resigned from Royal Guard, moved to the border to take the role of Viceroy and is rarely home. He was overwhelmed by his new job so much that he even started to stretch his orders from the guild. It was then that the member, and his adoptive father, started to question his loyalty, albeit they never really confront him that much.

As time passed, Vere was blessed with a daughter, a pretty girl with a red-ish hair like her mother. The couple named her Salma. It was somewhat a turning point for him. He started to come home more often and is more talkative. Learning a little bit late that it was love that led him to wed his wife, not a pity, nor atonement.

Sadly, that small happiness didn't last. His adoptive father died not too long after. No more barrier to contain Dull Dagger's jealousy towards Vere. And just like that, a chipped dagger was stabbed on the door of his manor. Reminding his wife of a past terror. Little did she know, it was Vere who put that dagger the first time. She dispatched a messenger, and then proceed to travel lightly with Salma to the capital. Vere on the other hand, upon hearing the threat, rushed back home. Hoping he'd make it in time. But it was too late.

He found the carriage in the middle of a lonely road, with lots of dead bodies scattered around. He silently cried, turning corpses one by one, hanging on a very little hope that his wife and his daughter were not among them. That hope was immediately crushed when he looked inside the carriage. There lies his wife, with torn clothes, broken limbs, gouged eyeballs and on her last breaths. Vere really cried this time, slowly pulling his wife closer to his chest. She resisted. Apparently, Dull Dagger told her everything before having their way with her. Vere asked about Salma, but his wife refused to answer. She hates him, she said. And if he loves her, he needs to prove it by killing her, just like how he killed her father. He couldn't, there's no way he would. He just hugged her tightly. Until the sun was set and warmth left her body.

Vere left at dawn. Lost. With a vow of revenge. His first target was the King. Then started crossing the name of every Dull Dagger member he knew. Heads after another. One by One.

Years after. He grew tired of revenge. Wanted suicide but too afraid to kill himself. He didn't fear death. But the thought that he would meet his wife --and possibly his daughter in the afterlife terrified him. He wandered from land to land, settlement to settlement. His guilt is the only thing that kept him sane.

He stumbled upon an Arkh' Grand Shrine, stayed for some time, Arguing with the Head Priest if Arkh is the god of justice, would death be his punishment, would his sins be forgiven, or would his late wife forgive him. The head Priest just smiled and told him that Arkh would care not about his sins, but what he would do to balance it out. All life needs balance, the Priest said. But what Vere needs first is hope.

Thus, his new life as a Theurge begun.

Roleplay    :

It was a cloudy night, yet it was so bright. And it was not the moon where the lights came, but from the raging fire burning up housing in a settlement near Emerald Hill. It happened quickly, not even an hour after the warning bell was rung. "Bandits!", the Nightwatch screamed. But it was in vain. The settlement was at it's worst luck to be attacked by a group of bandit this organized.

Not too long after, everyone was forced to gather in the town square. Surrounded by small numbers of armed bandits, while the rest of the group is busy separating males and females and some other looting whatever is not eaten by fire. Vere is on his knees, a little bit to the front than the rest of the people, hands interlaced, head facing down, praying. Two bandits sit in front of him. Mockingly asking for forgiveness.

"Oh, Exalia, can you forgive us? and give us more loots on the side!" they laughed, pulling his robe and poking his head with the hilt of their weapon. Vere still prays.
"And please some women too!" the other bandit added.

More rubbish line keeps coming, but seeing no reaction from Vere, they decided that he needs a little motivation. So they pulled a girl by her hair from the group. Dragged her in front of him. People screamed. Vere looked up.

"Please..." Vere shakes his head slowly.

"Please what!?" the bandit shouts, quite happy that he got his attention. Vere looked back down.

"If you want me to stop, Pray to the god so that I would!" the bandit mocks him again, and this time, pushing his head more strongly. He's sure that he terrified him so much. All he could hear coming out of Vere's mouth was "please have mercy..." muffled by the cries of people.

He looks annoyed, raised his blade, signing to the crowd to shush. Then he lowered his head near Vere's mouth. Trying to listen to his prayers. Crystal clear this time.

"God, forgive me. And please have mercy, upon my enemy..." the bandit moves back, a little dumbfounded. Then he turned his face to the priest who's now staring at him. He scorned, full of disbelief. As he realized that the eyes staring him now are not the eyes of a holy man.

"Because I don't!" Vere completed his prayer.

"Who arkhhhh..."

before the bandit could finish his sentence. Vere jabs at his throat. He throws another punch at the bandit's jaw, disorienting him. Grabs his head and rams it on his knees before slamming it to the cobblestone. Fresh blood streams from the bandit's head. He's gone.

The other bandit who was still pulling the girl's hair panicked. Unsheathed his sword and charged blindly. His fate is no better than his dead friend. It took Vere few moves before the bandit was on the ground, with his own sword at his throat. Vere casts enhancement magic on himself before charging at the rest of the bandit.

It is done. Most of the bandit is dead. Some ran away. Vere just stands there near the corpses of another mindless murder he just committed. Looking up to the night sky with teary eyes. Hoping that Exalia would forgive him.

He felt sick, tired of battles, yet these things keep happening. There is always something that keeps pushing him over the edge. This ordeal feels too heavy. Maybe there was another way. But all he does best is kill people. And he hates himself for that. He turned to the crowd. Some covered their eyes, some stared at him with contempt. Vere knows those looks. If his late wife still had her eyes at that time, she would throw the same look at him.

"I'm sorry", Vere closed his eyes, not sure what he's apologizing for. The ferocity he had just shown or the fact that he could've prevented needless casualty had he do it before the bandits burned the settlement.

"Forgive me". Vere said that as a parting word. Not really expecting forgiveness. Then disappears into the night.

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That is awesome, I love it!!! Definitely approved, and I'm looking forward to seeing him avoiding action. :D

I love the open ending with his daughter, especially.  Where could she be now?....

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On 11/5/2018 at 1:50 PM, Robyn Banks said:

you're not going for the entry?

Sorry I have been away so much.....family issues. Things have been hectic and ongoing. My adopted Mum had 2 dogs pass away and is going through kidney dialysis :( which is hard on her, and her dogs passing away have not helped her frame of mind. Plus she still thinks she is indestructible and won't give up the sheep she raises ! Tough old bird, bless her. So naturally fences need mending and hay has to be thrown down from the loft etc. etc. So life has been a lot like having a FFL settlement hahahaha.

So, do I need to write up a character here in forums Robyn & Hyperion?

Winter has arrived, sadly, and I will have a wee bit more time ! Guide me oh Robyn of Banks and Hyperion of the Finger Wigglers !  Tell this wayward Wayfinder what she needs to do !

By-the-way.....I have missed you all ! :x


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On 11/14/2018 at 9:58 AM, Weyah said:

So, do I need to write up a character here in forums Robyn & Hyperion?


And sorry to hear about your mother, but also glad - it's good that she still has that much strength in her.  Anddd.... we miss you too!

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On 11/17/2018 at 2:27 AM, Hyperion said:


And sorry to hear about your mother, but also glad - it's good that she still has that much strength in her.  Anddd.... we miss you too!

Thank you so very much...it is rough because she is so stubborn but I understand being stubborn myself lol.


Soooo Hyper, do I make a char using Robyn's format?

And where will we be playing ? In forums?


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Yep, just how Robyn did - the template is here: 

We've got a separate folder open on the forum, Robyn and I have both been meaning to start a story there. :D  Keep an eye out, it's coming !


@Robyn Banks  I don't know how I missed this, but I just got the name of your character. I'm laughing so hard....


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