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      WANTED: ROLEPLAY-ERS   09/04/18

      A new roleplay section has been added to the forum.  Jump back into Naerath in a whole new way!
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The Rules

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Roleplay games exist to allow a freer way to interact with stories and others.  These rules are here to facilitate that and make it easier to make some good stories.  That being said, if you break one of these rules, expect there to be consequences.  If you're not sure about something, don't hesitate to contact a moderator.  We have mailboxes on the forum, feel free to use it!

1) Be respectful of others.  This means don't bully or belittle others; feel free to joke around or be sarcastinc, but don't let it get serious; no controlling others characters, what they say or do, or whether they get injured (You can write your arrow flies towards Hyperion's shoulder, but not puncturing Hyperion's shoulder, your arrow delivers a toxin that immediately cripples him, driving his knees into the ground.)

2)  Keep things family friendly.  That is how Flamefrost: Legacy has been, we intend to hold steady in that vein.  Dating and kissing are fine, but don't be explicit.  Swearing is somewhat discouraged, strong swearing is prohibited - this is a fictional world with a tremendous variety of cultures and an expansive religion.  Try to use that if you need invectives!

3)  New characters must be submitted in the Character Applications section, and must be approved before you can roleplay with them.   Approvals are pretty loose, but no roleplaying gods (if you want one in your story, contact a moderator; eventually this may change, but for now them's the breaks) and make sure your character fits in the world of Fyr (orcs are fine, wookies with laser guns not so much).  Again, if you're not sure, contact a mod.  If your character doesn't get approved, we'll let you know why so you can rewrite and apply again.

4)  Keep things on Naerath.  Any major canon advancements are only to be made with the permission of the moderators; normally, this will have to go past Dan as well.  By canon advancements, I mean situations like... creating a whole new city;  an alliance between the Fatekeepers and Desecrated Circle; a major orcish assault on Nhar-Tejjan.  I think you get the idea. ;)

5)  As a rule of thumb, don't double-post.  Posts are fully editable if you need to add information, and if you need to append something out of character it is best to put it at the beginning or end of your post, with some sort of warning.  For example:  "OOC:  I want my character to start learning magic in this thread, can somebody with a character that could apprentice them come in?"

Additional rules will be added here as it becomes necessary.  For now... enjoy!!

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