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Best Looking Faction

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If you have not noticed, the Fatekeepers dress immaculately, are well groomed and have great teeth. There is a sweet, enticing aroma almost perfume like that soothes the senses and you just feel good around us! Safe even. Some of the other factions are not so much into appearances, or smells for that matter. A certain faction that has WW in their name has a standing rule that if your body odor is not strong enough to make a bull moose puke, you are not WW material.

Factions with the letters GC and DC are just right out evil and they not only act that out, they look and smell evil. The faction with SD letters are more insidious. They hide their appearance behind plants and butterflies but are like trapdoor spiders. The neutrals are easy to spot...they are arrayed in shades of gray!

This post is to assist in helping you develop a visual cue to whom you may face in battle or even a tavern. Hopefully it helps you to identify the 'bad guys'.

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