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Robyn Banks

Melee Theurge (Dark Focused) Build

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I don't have opening speech, it's a Theurge build, with a hammer, if you see one, run.



Gear Choices : Medium Armor, Medium Shield, Mace or Hammer.

Stat Allocation : STR, DEX,


Morph is level 46 as this screenshot is taken.

Morphine Healton Level 46

The only problem we have here is HIT (Dex), we don't need too much, but too little can be a little bit troubling, since we do a LOT of Melee attack.

I did some research few days back, and found out that all fresh character start out with 60% base hit. For every 5 Dex you allocate, you gain 1% base hit chance.

The interesting thing is, when you reach 41, the requirement is raised, now it's 6 Dex for 1% base hit. I'm not sure if it will go up again at higher level (but it probably will)

My plan is to put at least 75 dex (will give me 72% base hit at my current level) should the calculation increase later on, will probably raise it to 90. Some might think it's not enough, but personally, i think 75 is too much, since we only use the hit chance for Melee attack and only Melee attack. our magic skill requires no dex to hit.

There is absolutely no reason for us to go higher than 210 dex (95% base) (although, UI says you can have 99% base, that's 234 dex)


But what about INT? can't really say much about this. Our weapon makes up for everything. You might think the spells will suffer with low damage, but it's definitely not.

Don't get me wrong tho, INT will boost the damage, but it's so tiny that might as well count as nothing. At least not until you can invest 500 points into single stat. Most of the spell add weapon damage as base calculation. INT based character can only equip wands or staves, and at the same level, maces/hammers can easily double those base. I can say this for sure since Morph, at level 40~ can deal as much as Luke (my level 54 staff-wielding Theurge).

But this doesn't mean STR theurge will always be better. It's just INT factor is so hard to count (with base element resist and wildcards flying around) that i decided to clobber mobs with maces and hammer instead. easy win. We have drawbacks. The one i really feel is barrier HP (Reflection and Aegis) since low INT means Low Mana pool, which the two barriers take as base calculation. still, it's not that bad. roughly only 1 - 2 hit difference with INT based theurges.

now about STR. (should i really explain about this? :o)

I'll just be blunt, Morph has 900+ total STR and 600+ total INT. Her mana pool is still higher than her HP.


updated stat, level 54, equipped with best gears (and mods) i could find.

Total Stats :

STR : 1471

DEX : 1040

INT : 1238

HP : 68678

MP : 88770

Morphine Healton level 54


Abilities :

Offensive :



Melee Attack : actually more of a utility skill rather than offensive, since we have so many long cooldown spells, this is the filler. Will be as quick and as good as Main Weapon


Spectral /Shadow Blade : Another utility skill with a little twist, as it now has Holy / Dark element. Also good as opening attack with the range of 8. Personally, i use this at random times, mostly when i messed up a combo. (cooldown is the same as equipped weapon)


Orb of Light / Darkness : Can deal up to 20 targets. Not really good damage, but luckily, first target hit receives 50% extra damage.

A filler move, good when surrounded (to gain dimensional escape). perfect skill to farm meats.

Semi - Offensive :



Heal / Harm : Great single target skill all around. Moderate cooldown and quite devastating.


Mass Heal / Plague : Heals decent amount of HP/round. (party skill)

Plague is our only DoT skill (if we didn't take Condemn). Has weird damage calculation and long cooldown. 


Aurora : This skill is a cheat 9_9

My Favorite skill, Heals you and your party, Damage surrounding mobs, twice. 


Soul Swap / Drain : Soul swap is weird healing skill, never really paid attention to how it works.

Soul Drain is single target aurora, Damage is calculated from a percentage of your HP. If Aurora doesn't heal you enough, this certainly will. Sadly, it doesn't bypass Evil Spawn Wild Card. But, Interestingly, It triggers Vampirism, MOAR HEALS!!

Support / Misc / Passive :



Vampirism : Drain tiny percentage of Dark (spell) Damage we deal. (this is why i pick most of the AoE spells)


Reflection : Absorbs Physical damage, Returns 100% of Melee Physical Damage at level 4. Reflects even more damage if maxed.


Aegis : Absorbs Any Damage, Why not?


Guardian Angel : prevent dying for several turn (this buff can be removed by mobs)


Dimensional Escape : Makes you jump few tiles away from angry mobs, sadly, we need to deal critical hit first to cast this. not really useful.

Toogled :



Phantom : Boost Dark Magic Damage. Swap certain Holy spells into it's Dark counterpart.


Spring of Life/Death : Free Heal each round with no MP cost.

I don't think anyone ever use the death one. I do sometimes tho, while i'm bored killing bears for the meats, fire the henchmen, enter battle, cast this spell and watch them bears squirm.


Combos :


5a6bec1ad2a6d_pally2.jpg.6bdc2f1f034303da69621946342a984f.jpg a must do combo, final hit gives paladin shell for 5 rounds (doubles def).


transition master gives crit boost II, if you can chain it with gandalf skill, it will make the already devastating aurora more devastating.


worthy skill mentions :

Condemn / and Dark Condemn thingy : A good single target DoT skill with 8 seconds cooldown

Touch of Light / Touch of Darkness : Light decreases DEX while Dark decreases STR (not really sure, probably the other way around)

Mysticism (Toogle) : give boost to mana regeneration to the entire party.

Lion Heart (Toogle) : give stat boost to the entire party (I might be wrong, but as far as i see, only boost allocated stats, not gear bonus. better used at end-game)

Disjunction : Remove magical debuff from self and party, and remove magical buff from enemies while also dealing them pretty huge damage in the process. Sounds useful, but not so much in practice.

Shadow Cocoon : A good skill if you want to invite @Weyah to a party while indirectly killing her inside boss battle.


Known buggy skills :

Toogle skills (Mysticism, Lion Heart, and Spring of Life) are only removed from your character if you cast a different one, party member will retain all of them.








Edited by Robyn Banks
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MORPH !!!!   Er um...Robyn aka Morph aka Justin and all your other personalities ! O.o

Kill ME????   :$  lol 

I'll cocoon you Mister lol


This has to be the BEST tutorial I have seen ! How did you do all that fancy schmancy stuff? lol

Seriously.....you should get an award for this ! Very impressive and I think this will really help any new or existing player build their theurge.

Bad as I hate to admit it....I even learned something :P  I know, I know, hard to believe yes? 

Again, hats off to you Morph....this really is a most excellent build guide!  

It takes a lot to impress me, and yet you have done it !  All joking aside, you really did a fine job here. 

It is people like you that make this game so enjoyable to play, and I am glad to call you friend.

You have come a long way......now can we talk about this cocoon killing Weyah thingy? 

Promise I won't hurt you.......much :x

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Just now, Robyn Banks said:

thank you for the vote of confidence :D

Seriously...this is amazing !

Now...if I can only persuade you to come over to guild  *bats eyes*  I have cookies ! lol

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4 minutes ago, Weyah said:

Seriously...this is amazing !

Now...if I can only persuade you to come over to guild  *bats eyes*  I have cookies ! lol

i think i have a Dex Incat trial account :D

but i dunno when i will play that one, Robyn is the next on my leveling list.

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2 minutes ago, Robyn Banks said:

i think i have a Dex Incat trial account :D

but i dunno when i will play that one, Robyn is the next on my leveling list.

Come on over !!!! RUN FOREST RUN !!!! lol

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Robyn can come over to the dark side and play a wee bit !

I need someone to chat with and go hunting with and mayhap even kill hahahahaha

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my best solo plane run so far.

Morph level 56, 7.5k~8.5k atk (550~ melee + 500 from gear + 1500~ from food spamming)

Plane Level 50. 8 waves survived.

ran out of morphine, lel.5a9047693486c_nopots.thumb.png.5032fb7dcb3c436bb33b9adca5117fae.png

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