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I think I am being rewarded xp multiple times for building certain settlement buildings.  At first I assumed it was just another case of duplicating popups, as with the mail, but now that I have the announcements coming through the chat box I can see that it appears to be re-assigned to my skill points every time the announcement comes through.  Specifically, I just got announcements rewarding me for building my arcane tower and smithery in Hyperion's Garnet Bay.  The first of these was followed by an announcement that two of my skills had just leveled up, and when I checked my character sheet it showed that they had indeed just reached those levels.  Since a picture is worth a thousand words...Buggy1.thumb.jpg.42558362cee722a84ec469a61b92a73b.jpg

The smithery and arcane tower were both built a few months ago, and I have built other buildings since then (two SDGs and a farm, off the top of my head).   At the time these appeared I was in the middle of farming on Jade Island, and they were not accompanied by any sort of legitimate Experience gain (killing something, collecting from an SDG, etc.).

Now, I'm not complaining about free xp, but I figured this was one for the forums. ;) 


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@Hyperion thank you for the report, your vigilance and honesty (as always)! ;) 

You are correct, it seems that something fishy is going on indeed... I will investigate!

In the meantime, please enjoy this free XP as it is entirely my fault. :) 

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