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Disenchanting: Introduction

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7) Disenchanting (difficulty: medium)
Sub-skill: conjuration.

Disenchanting is a base skill for most crafts that require blueprints or State Capsules, as it allows disassembling the existing items and transforming them into their blueprints instead.
The disenchanted item is being destroyed in the process, charging the associated State Capsule.

Although blueprints can be occasionally found as loot on slain enemies, it can be often easier to simply disenchant all the found items in order to obtain a specific blueprint.

Disenchanting any item requires an empty State Capsule, which is a gem that can be conjured at any enchanted lake (using the Conjuration skill).
The process of disenchanting charges the empty State Capsule with an item quality of the base that is being disassembled.

For example, disenchanting a legendary sword will charge the State Capsule with the Legendary quality, thus allowing to craft items of the highest possible quality (Legendary), not necessarily swords (charged State Capsule can be applied to Blacksmithing, Tailoring, Leatherworking and Carpentry).
However, State Capsules cannot store quality that is greater than of their own: i.e. a Common quality State Capsule can only store Common or Junk quality item.
Additionally, a level 10 State Capsule can only allow disenchanting items of level 10 or below.

That's why it is important to keep your Conjuration skill in good shape!

Finally, Disenchanting allows using an optional item as an effect: Property Container gems.
Property Containers store magical attributes of the disenchanted items, allowing to re-use those later when enchanting another item.
You can use 1 Property Container per 100 skill points in Disenchanting at a time.

For example, you have a piece of armour granting +10 strength, applying penalty of -10 dexterity and increasing your Fire Resistance skill by 5.
You can disenchant that armour into 3 Property Containers:
a) +10 Strength
b) -10 Dexterity
c) +5 Fire Resistance

Now you can use any combination of these containers while Enchanting items crafted by other skills.
Please note that as with the State Capsules, Property Containers have to be of the same or greater level than the base item disenchanted.

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The conjuration skill is learned automatically when you attempt to gain any gems (empty Property Containers or State Capsules) from the Enchanted Lakes.

The closest Enchanted Lake I remember is located to the east from the Elmethil Do'Naerath city (if you exit it using the east gate).

Please let me know if you can't find it or have any more questions. ;)

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