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Not sure if this is the correct place to post this but I have a question about armor. Is it better to have armor with less effectiveness and higher stats, or higher armor rating with lower stats? Does this make sense? lol

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This does make sense....  every time we have an influx of new players, it is a popular question in the chat box. :)  The best place to get an answer is the original post:

But I will do my best to give a quick synopsis here.


Armour decides how much of an incoming physical attack is blocked: 15 points of armour = 1% of damage reduction (magical attacks are a cat of a different colour, see the above link for the full explanation).  The total amount of damage reduction you can have is 95%, so any armour above 1425 is redundancy (which comes in handy if you are lazy about repairing your armour :$).  Armour depends on the starting quality (quality = junk, common, etc) and is independent of armour level and class (class = cloth, light, medium, heavy), so any build can acheive "perfect" armour.  It remains static during crafting, so the really good pieces (210+) should be hoarded for later repurposing once you are able to craft your own or can get someone to do it for you.

Armour Effectiveness determines how large an attack can be before your armour starts to work less effectively (ie, to block less).  If you have 50% Armour and 15 Effectiveness and get bit by a wolf for 14 damage, your armour will block 7 (14 * 50%) of that damage. If you get bit by a bear for 20 damage your armour will block considerably less than 50%, and if you get hit by a mace the size of the Empire State Building  for 70,334,333,254 your armour will give up the ghost and not block anything.  Armour effectiveness is determined by three things: Level, Class and Quality.  Heavy armour will have a better effectiveness than medium armour of the same level and quality, for example - thus allowing you to fight bigger orcs with a better chance of survival.  For how crafting changes effectiveness in armour, check out Meta Blob's Amazing Crafting Tutorial: 

When you are trying to decide between two pieces of armour and the difference is negligible, a good rule is that 1 armour = 1.1 effectiveness (and thus armour is better).  I think the math is posted somewhere on the forum, but as of right now I don't remember how or where.  Be aware as you level, though, average effectiveness raises quickly - it is necessary to up your armour (in my opinion, it should be every five levels or so) in order to keep up with the amount of damage the mobs are dealing.   

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