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An interesting discovery

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I conduct most of my work and business from a company issued tablet and as I had some down time today, I used the tablet to see if I could play Flamefrost. I could and the performance was good. However, no mouse was available and when I entered GF, I had no way to move. I am sure there is a way to engage a keyboard control but I did not know how. Just thought I would post this 'FYI' and if you already knew this, it means you are more tech informed than I :).

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Ah, yes, I have considered that scenario, which is why there's a bunch of blue arrows in the lower-left corner of exploration mode. :)

However, as I did not have a touch device at the moment of building this functionality, I haven't considered that these buttons would be treated as individual "images" on all tablets, so it's impossible to hold them for long (a menu prompt appears offering to download these images).
I will fix that if anyone is using tablets to play Flamefrost! :) 

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