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Hey all,

It's been a while since I posted on the forum or released any changes to Flamefrost, so you're most likely wondering what's going on ("has Dan left the development world?").
First of all, let me assure you that I'm still around and developing stuff all day/night long. :) However, most of this stuff hasn't been Flamefrost.

As much as I love Flamefrost and I'm grateful to everyone who supports its cause by purchasing platinum coins, unfortunately this doesn't seem to be enough to keep us afloat: our server rent costs still outweigh the amount of platinum coin sales and I'm not going to try and extort you for more (nor we'll ever see pay-to-win). :) 

Which is why I've decided to add another tool to our arsenal and launch another game that'll run in parallel to Flamefrost.

Yup, that's right, for the last two months I've been working on a brand new game that is a complete opposite of Flamefrost (genre-wise, theme-wise and platform-wise: it will be a 100% mobile app).
The idea behind this game is to attract an entirely new audience of players that may not be interested in Flamefrost and MMORPGs as much as us.
After the game is live I will revert back to "maintenance mode" for both products and resume implementing fixes in Flamefrost, which currently isn't possible due to the lack of hours in a day (I've managed to work on 3 projects before, but 4 is simply beyond my capabilities, sorry! :)).

I'm not going to reveal the game's name and all the details just yet, but I will in a couple of weeks: it is almost complete and planned to launch in the second half of September 2017. ;)
The only thing I can say at this moment is that it will be an augmented reality strategy, taking place in the real world and running on Android and iOS mobile devices (phones, tablets and anything else with a GPS in it).

Although the plan is to attract new people with an entirely different set of interests, I'm hopeful that you will also try and enjoy this game! ;)

In any case, stay tuned for updates!

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I'm excited to see all the rave reviews come in on your new game!  This sounds like a splendid idea, and it will hopefully give a boost to Flamefrost's vibrancy as well as introduce a whole new host of players to Epic Dragon.  The reality gaming world is still in the opening stages of gaming, and a great arena to introduce something new.  More details are definitely welcome!

And the forums are indeed operating at peak efficiency again, so a big thank you to our favorite developer is in order. :D 

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