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Bank improvement

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Laquinton    0

If expanding the bank would transform the bank view into a secondary inventory (meaning a grid display just like our current inventory is displayed) I would immediately spend $30 to expand it just to have a secondary inventory that I didn't have to scroll through.

The scrolling bank display is the sole reason I don't purchase an expansion on it now.  It's too annoying/slow/difficult to organize what I want to hold in the bank.

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Hyperion    560

 I agree that some modification to the gui would be nice here, although a scalable version of the backpack sounds difficult to make and display.  At the moment opening the bank, as well as adding or removing items, gets (understandably) a tad laggy when more slots are purchased and filled. I currently have around eighty occupied slots, for reference, and it takes as much as a second or two for each item I transfer from my pack to the bank, or vice versa.

 The ability to scroll through the inventory is really attractive as opposed to flipping through multiple screens of banked goods but as Laquinton mentioned, it leaves something to desire in the ability to sort and organise.  I'll keep my thinking cap on and see if any brilliant ideas plop on my head. ;)

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