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      WANTED: ROLEPLAY-ERS   09/04/18

      A new roleplay section has been added to the forum.  Jump back into Naerath in a whole new way!
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Appreciation to all our new players...

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To Fastolph Danderfluff, Meta Blob, Hyperion, Norion, Rag, Steele, I wish to extend a warm heartfelt appreciation to all that you add to the gaming experience since you have joined us. Your posts are insightful, your opinions appreciated (sometimes :P), and your general presence adds our realm. Thank you.

I am speaking for some of the holdovers such as myself, Solerus (AKA Thero), Weyah and sometimes Tanzer. I am sure some of our predecessors such as Nera, Toki, Marissa, Fiona and others would have found you equally entertaining.

And certainly a warm welcome to our newest players who are too many to mention by name. Well done, Dan on your advertising.

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