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Fantastic Plants and where to find them

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and where to find them




This is perhaps the most important plant in Naerath.

For the aspiring cook, a very useful plant is an inedible plant.

Why? When it takes being a master herbalist to farm, whereas you can start cooking with basic herbs?

For cooking, you'll need three ingredients, but all three of them can be purchased from a vendor.

So instead of spending time farming herbs, and plants, alternatively raise herbalism first and sell the daylillies.

Then you'll have enough herbalism to get any herb you want for the bonuses, along with a bag of spare gold.



The most versatile plant to eat. You can have it fried, boiled, in a bonfire.

Eat it with meat, with veggies, with onion, with nothing, with other potato.

It's so good it can be found in every single vendor across Naerath.



This and other cheap herbs are of common quality, thus mix well with, surprise, a potato.

You get as much munch from them as from the more expensive colored clovers and such.

Once you finally get all that saltgrass out of your system, look into more tasty options at the vendor.

This one doesn't look like grass, nor is green, and that alone beats a lot of herbs in the list.


Sample Recipe!

1. Get some cooking gear, there's nice bludgeons that can both mince herbs and meat and bash goblins.

2. Shoplist: Potato 12 gold, Oil 12 gold, Calendula 89 gold. Sum 114 gold (daylilly sells for 118).

3. Bonfire! or any cooking fire short of arson.

4. Improve with the Improve button. This is where you become master chef.

5. Serve with bacon anyways, you can't go wrong with a proven taste.

6. Profit!





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