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Here be Tips!

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Welcome to Naerath!

Nothing beats going out and try out things!
However if you are a new player, these few things can give you some pointers.


- Go explore! Walk slow to avoid combat. Enemies of your level are scattered through the world.
- Battle window: The left column is the foe you'll choose. The right column are the foes you'll fight.
- Timed quests are not mandatory. 

Exploration mode aka EX
- When no one is there you become the only target!
- Try go out and back if overwhelmed.

- Turn off some settings to gain performance. Can also disable sound.
- When you change gear you get "new model is detected" and have to wait. 
Do a short battle first so models preload. Next battles will be faster.


Class Stats
- Stats are hard to mix, plan your build. There's class guides in forum.
- Equipment have a stat requirement. Purple gear has the highest requirement.
- Vindi can be tank or damage. Heavy armor have high str requirement.

Hit chance
- Base hit chance without dex is like 60%. No dex may be fine for a tank vindi.
- Some dex can raise hit to about 80%. For the most hit chance need a dex build.

- Clothes are resistant to magic. Even vindi might need some against strong magic.
- Resistances are needed later in the game.

- You want all armor pieces to match. The most armor effectivity the better.
- Balance armor effectivity with protection. Protection caps somewhere above 200.
- A large amount of protection comes from the skill.

- Buy food from a player with cook skill. These items carry various bonuses.
- Potions are faster but food last a few rounds.


Skills (updated 17/06/19)
- Put 1 skill point in a skill to gain passive xp. It starts at 10%, more points get less xp but add up.
- Choose where you'll spend skill points, it depends on you choice of combat or crafting.
- Some skills are not needed, such as dex based light armor and bows for users of str gear.
- You get a free reroll on stats, skills, and abilities. Save it for later.

- Disenchant and enchant are useful. You "break" apart loot to extract its bonuses.
- You "reforge" loot to raise its level and put better bonuses.
- You can apply a gem to gear 5 levels below the gem's level. A lv 25 gem can be put on a lv 21 item.

- An item can only have one of each stat and one skill bonus per item.
- Up to two runes can take the place of the other bonuses.
- One bonus per quality tier, up to five.

- Junk items are always available. Each next tier needs 100+ skill.
- High quality can be worn at lower levels, but the stat requirement is higher.

Raising skill
- Crafting higher level items gives more xp. Grinding skills with only low level or junk items is slow.
- Use skill gear to craft higher level items.

Skill gear
- Explore mode gives plenty of skill gear around your level, which have better bonuses.
- Get rid of skill gear below your level. They take a lot of inventory space.
- Recraft gear you can't use, clothes have no stat requirement.


- In the craft window, you'll only see the materials that match the blueprint or ingredient you selected.
- Items can only stack if their stack size is the same, fixed at time of creation.
Items from stacks of 20/20 can merge, but not from one of  15/15.

- Loot found is 2 lv apart of yours, making a 5 level range.
- Item types vary by enemy, they drop what they carry.

- If you die take time to repair your items. Usually found in the blacksmith.

- Seek a town with shops for your level. On empty buildings try the "View All" button.
- Shops have limited stock, refill with time. Starter town can run out of arrows.
- Find wood oil in the alchemy shop. Find cook oil in the general store.

- Shrines are shortcuts you buy once and use repeteadly.
- Your shrine can't be seen by higher level players. You can't see shrines of a low level player.
- Shrine level adds to player level for visibility and war purposes.

- Hire two henchmen from Nhar-Tejjan. Cleric henchmen give heals.
- They only gain levels when you do, try to stick with the ones you choose.
- Later on can replace with villagers form your settlement.

- Get the salvage skill here. You can get catalysts from items.
- Costs are high at lower levels, level 20 is recommended.
- Need level 25 for walls and big houses. There's a guide in forum.


- The players in chat are usually helpful. Ask a "warden" player, they are helpers.
- See the "who is online" window, to see who is available.
- If your question goes unanswered, you can always ask in the forums.
- There's a help window in the main bar with various links.

- If you notice the browser having trouble, try to refresh the page.
- Try the options in the game settings. Can also disable sound.
- Ask in the forum if issues continue, chances are other players have reported it.

- No written rules are set in the spirit of fair play from us players.
- The head developer make all judgement calls.
He be quoted on wanting us players be friendly in chat and report bugs.
- Listen to the game Wardens, they are there to help and can quote the dev on issues.
- Exploiting a bug or feature can incur on measures.

Chat rules
- Please keep it civil in chat, specially while the wardens are offline.
- Dev can be quoted saying real world issues should be off limits.

- Please use the forum to give your thoughts on the game.
- Post what you liked, as well as any dislikes and issues you had.
- There's various subforums for guides, help and suggestions.


Best of luck, take your time and enjoy your journeys!

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