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Allow multiple craft skills on an item

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I think it would be nice if people could put multiple skills on items, but I can see why that might be a bit OP. (I play an Incantrix, and with INT and four different offense magics would be pretty nuts for my damage.) However, at the very least, it would be cool and totally not game-breaking to put multiple craft skills on items.

We already have very limited space compared to the sheer amount of stuff in this game. 64 inventory slots + 10 bank slots to carry everything we want / need, but 5 gather skills and 10 craft skills in total. The craft skills have a LOT of pieces for all of the ones I've been using so far. Being able to fit multiple craft properties on gear would help alleviate this a bit for dedicated crafters. (If you've played other games, you know the hoarder's curse.) And getting to the multiples of 100 in dis/enchanting is no easy feat, so you'd have to work at it to make this possible, too.

There is not much ROI for Enchanting right now, if you're more interested in the crafting aspect of the game as opposed to just combat and quests. Putting your game focus on crafting is pretty tough at this time.

But no matter what, we should definitely have an ingame warning, or something similar (maybe just make it impossible?) when trying to add multiple properties on an item when it won't work. I just lost a disenchant 34 property because I had no idea this limitation existed.

Thank you for your time!

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I agree that an ingame warning or some other solution would be nice if you try to perform an impossible enchantment, and I believe this was discussed in other threads and  is already on the "to-be-added" queue.

 The multiple skill boost addendum would be overpowering, though, in my opinion.  Apart from stacking combat skill boosts (can you imagine 4 melee damage boosts on each item a Vindicator is wearing? We poor finger wigglers would never stand a chance!), the possibility to stack multiple of the same crafting boost would allow overpowered crafting at lower levels.  You could make theoretically make armour at level ten that would withstand a level thirty attack, which just isn't fair.  I am all for rewarding focused crafting, but that is a bit much....  The boosts right now tend to be level appropriate, so (using made up numbers) having a set of average tailoring gear at level ten (eight items with a 6 - 10 skill boost each) along with fifty skill points (half your max skill level at level ten) is at minimum 98 points, which sounds like it should make at least level-appropriate gear or better if you want to concentrate on the crafting aspect of the game.  The game is also designed to reward the MMO aspect of playing: you aren't expected to master every skill by yourself.  It is highly impractical to do so, and was virtually impossible with the old skill leveling mechanics.  What is great about being in a guild is that it isn't just for the sense of community, it is so the player who is brilliant at making food (Weyah) can help the person who is a whizz at piecing armour together (Vezper). Symbiosis on a creepy, family-esque level. :D 

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10 minutes ago, Hyperion said:


Ah, I think you have me wrong.

I don't mean 'multiples of the SAME skill', I mean more than one crafting skill.

So as an example: I could have 10 conjuration, 10 woodworking, and 10 herbalism on one item. But I could never do 3 x 10 conjuration, or 2 x 10 woodworking and 1 x 10 herbalism. Same for production skills. I could maybe do 20 enchanting, and 20 disenchanting, but I could not do 2 x 20 disenchanting to get 40 total.

Yes, THAT would be way overpowered. No, what I am really asking for is merely the ability to 'tighten up' the amount of items one must have when crafting into multiple skills, by allowing a player to put up to X amount of crafting skills on the same item. Never the same exact skill multiple times, though.

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