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Found 3 results

  1. Fletching Station AWOL

    Not to be a nudge, but... The White Wyrm Tribe Village Bolt and Arrows Fletching Station (N:6 W:19) isn't giving me the option to fletch (read: no button). My reputation is in the positive with WW, too.
  2. First Faction War of 2017 Silverclaw Druids v. Fatekeepers All hail the conquering victor! The mystic Silverclaw Druids, led by the swashbuckling, Gatecrashing Theurge of the High Seas, Thero, have sacked the capitol of the Fatekeepers and the Church of Hammersong. Massive earthquakes ripped through the defenses, hail kept down the guards heads and a swift victory was ensured. Many Paladin Prelates' heads decorated the battlements before terms were reached. No offense against the Druids or natural law is evident to suggest what sparked this deadly assault. -- On a side note, there weren't any Computer defenders in the area to protect the Boss that I or Goorvlad could find; nor were there any apparent during a quick sweep through the Silverclaw Druids' capitol. Glitch, sloppy looking, or just quick work by Thero? NEWSFLASH -- The Gatecrashers, inspired by the intrepidness of their comrade in arms, have declared war on the might that is the Hammerforge Legion. Have they gone mad? Will their powers be stretched too far? Only time can tell...
  3. Faction Overview

    White Wyrm Tribe Born in the wild, harsh environments of the farthest north, far away from all civilization, men of the White Wyrm Tribe are possibly the strongest and most enduring mortals that inhabit the northern realms. Capable of surviving in extreme temperatures and freezing waters, the White Wyrm tribesmen are believed to be descendants of a great northern dragon with gleaming white scales and a breath of ice. According to the legend, all tribesmen inherit his hardiness and temper, and although barbaric by culture they unite as one against all and any who would dare to threaten their lands or mock their ancestry.