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Found 3 results

  1. Housing

    My idea is a place scattered among the realm. I mean players can build it how they like add workstations for crafting and have fun in their own piece of Neareth. Furniture that's interactive and maids and such to tend to your home. Oh and the furniture can be crafted too!! Also a place that players can be invited to enter but only with express permission to discourage thieving
  2. I believe that we should have the ability to prevent our companions from fighting. Sometimes I am fighting higher level people that would generally one shot poor old smith. While stronger players may have enough gold to shrug it off as it is nothing. This is particularly hurtful to lower levels who are trying to buy gear/ materials and don't have millions of gold. Another suggestions which comes from the user Blah Blah: is that we should have the option in game for our companions to attack or to pass their turn. This will help with buffs and other skills that might otherwise not be as beneficial when the companion is attacking/ or whatever may be happening. edit:tags
  3. My suggestion is to make selling gathering supplies and whatever else in "stacks" easier and smoother. To do so, it would come in handy to have a "Sell Stack" button next to the sell button. Which would then put the whole stack in the trade window. I'm not suggesting a change to anything already implemented, but adding this function would make selling thousands of supplies quicker not only on desktop/tabletop devices but, would greatly help with mobile devices as well! Look forward on any feedback! Thanks! ~Azal