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Found 1 result

  1. Shameless Advertisement Are you tired going miles away to craft? And when you get there, only to find out enemy faction has claimed the place? Well, Fret not. We can help you. (unless you're Weyah. Weyah can't even help herself ) I've planned this since before I created Luke (months ago) and just been realized moments ago ( not even as Luke, lol ). It's a centralized crafting area (every craft that is available to settlement) and my personal stress-free herb vendors, because herb-gathering is too mainstream. Mind that since my herblore level is not high enough, the vendors will not sell most flowers for potion effect (yet). But I will certainly mantain the vendor level around 6 to 39, where most useful herbs are sold. Also, I will probably never put any settler in Smithery aand Arcane Tower, since both have surprisingly high upkeep (and the stuff sold are not even worth it). The only thing missing in this settlement is House of Import (because it eats up around 55k gold a day just to function as an Auction ) And since it's not only me who can benefit from my own settlement, i might as well share. So, if you are a Pirate, and not a fake one (like @Weyah), or at least Ally to Gatecrasher, Here's my Emerald Hills : Legends : How to Enter Emerald Hills : Open Map (press M or click the map Icon) Click on Cities & Dungeon Click on Emerald Hills (auto walk) When you've arrived, just click on the gate and Visit Morph's Settlement. PS : If you're Fatekeeper or it's allied Faction, Andvarri 's settlement in Emerald Hills also has everything, tho, last time I see it, the Buildings / Vendors are not packed near the gate like mine. PPS : Neutral Faction may and may not enter someone's settlement ( depends on your own PVPness and attitude towards neutral shrines )