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Found 10 results

  1. Settlement Discipline

    I have seen the below suggestion more than once in the chat box, so I thought it might be time to bring it to the public sphere.
  2. Shameless Advertisement Are you tired going miles away to craft? And when you get there, only to find out enemy faction has claimed the place? Well, Fret not. We can help you. (unless you're Weyah. Weyah can't even help herself ) I've planned this since before I created Luke (months ago) and just been realized moments ago ( not even as Luke, lol ). It's a centralized crafting area (every craft that is available to settlement) and my personal stress-free herb vendors, because herb-gathering is too mainstream. Mind that since my herblore level is not high enough, the vendors will not sell most flowers for potion effect (yet). But I will certainly mantain the vendor level around 6 to 39, where most useful herbs are sold. Also, I will probably never put any settler in Smithery aand Arcane Tower, since both have surprisingly high upkeep (and the stuff sold are not even worth it). The only thing missing in this settlement is House of Import (because it eats up around 55k gold a day just to function as an Auction ) And since it's not only me who can benefit from my own settlement, i might as well share. So, if you are a Pirate, and not a fake one (like @Weyah), or at least Ally to Gatecrasher, Here's my Emerald Hills : Legends : How to Enter Emerald Hills : Open Map (press M or click the map Icon) Click on Cities & Dungeon Click on Emerald Hills (auto walk) When you've arrived, just click on the gate and Visit Morph's Settlement. PS : If you're Fatekeeper or it's allied Faction, Andvarri 's settlement in Emerald Hills also has everything, tho, last time I see it, the Buildings / Vendors are not packed near the gate like mine. PPS : Neutral Faction may and may not enter someone's settlement ( depends on your own PVPness and attitude towards neutral shrines )
  3. Free Experience

    I think I am being rewarded xp multiple times for building certain settlement buildings. At first I assumed it was just another case of duplicating popups, as with the mail, but now that I have the announcements coming through the chat box I can see that it appears to be re-assigned to my skill points every time the announcement comes through. Specifically, I just got announcements rewarding me for building my arcane tower and smithery in Hyperion's Garnet Bay. The first of these was followed by an announcement that two of my skills had just leveled up, and when I checked my character sheet it showed that they had indeed just reached those levels. Since a picture is worth a thousand words... The smithery and arcane tower were both built a few months ago, and I have built other buildings since then (two SDGs and a farm, off the top of my head). At the time these appeared I was in the middle of farming on Jade Island, and they were not accompanied by any sort of legitimate Experience gain (killing something, collecting from an SDG, etc.). Now, I'm not complaining about free xp, but I figured this was one for the forums.
  4. Happiness

    The excited feeling one gets when successful salvaging of a particular quality gets raised by 59 percentile points because one remembers the twenty unassigned skill points one has.... Extra Skill Points are awesome, tysvm Dan!!!!!! *Confetti Cannons and Fireworks*
  5. Let me preface this by saying I love the settlements, and I don't even have any settlers (whiny gits, by all accounts) yet. The whole concept is awesome, and the graphics and building options are through the roof. I even get to choose how my building is displayed, facing North, South, East, or West! Having said that... it would be easier to construct the settlement if I could turn the building around after I select it. This would facilitate squishing everything in to max capacity. When things are less buggy, of course! Thanks in advance Dan, you're the best.
  6. Transfer bug

    Hi. One minor transfer bug. Tried transferring some stuff to another settlement. 140 wood, 200 metal, mortar and some leather. The settlement already had 4 metal and a max capacity of 200. I got an error that I could only transfer 196 metal, modified the quantity and tried again, only this time, I get an error that I don't have enough wood to transfer. I change the quantity for this as well, the last of my wood, 9 pieces instead of 140. And hit transfer again. It worked. Now, checking the target settlement, I see 150 wood (already had 1 wood there) and everything else I transferred. From what I can tell, some resources from my first aborted attempt were sent, but I wasn't notified of it. Also, on that attempt, the mortar and leather were untouched. It's not a major bug, but I guess it's kind of irritating, because it feels like it just vanished from your stock. Or worse, you could transfer double the quantities by mistake.( a potentialy disastrous one if the target location doesn't have a trade hall to send them back)
  7. Resource protection

    Basic starting resources need to be protected, until certain requirements are met. When I started my settlement, I built like everyone salvage and lumberjack tent. Then, I built a dwelling. No idea what I was thinking (probably salvaging potions, I make lots of those). Overnight, I woke up with 3 settlers, one already dead, invaded by 6-7 mobs and lots of resources missing. The only thing that mattered apparently was the mortar, which I now had 6, instead of 10 needed to build a farm. Luckily, with some effort (10-15 minutes of searching) I could build a garden to solve my food problems and properly start my settlement. Tl;dr. Built dwelling first, not properly prepared, got raided, lost initial resources, had to start the hard way. Side note. I was thinking of a werehouse for harvested resources, that could be raided, but I think it could be too easily exploited by bots.
  8. Food & Water

    I think food and water growth and consume rate is bugged atm. I have had food at -30, but my food resource did not go down. Food & water growth dont seem to be having an effect on happiness anymore.
  9. Defense requirment

    Hi Can you let us know how needed defense is calculated in a little detail. How much does resource/population/home effect defense? Is there anything else that would increase it? My needed defense right now is kinda off the chart. Im almost running out of room for max palisades and i still dont have enough min def. I do admit i might have built way too many farms. Can we have a function to temporary stop settler from coming or to freeze a building from functioning (eg: freeze a farm from functioning to lower def) I would deconstruct it but resources like mortar, stone is kinda precious at this stage. I need to save a bunch for better defensive buildings Thank you
  10. Just some requests regarding the settlement. It should show on the map. Expected to find it with the shrines. Second, a way to see it's status outside it. Something brief, like resources and growth. Third, the resource bar moved or something, since messages like announcements, "Salvage is lvl X" cover it Especially when you've just finished salvaging something and need to wait and see what else you need.