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Found 1 result

  1. Alchemy is an easy skill to use, but with powerful effects. Unlike cooking, tailoring and others where you need to buy some ingredients, alchemy's only requirement is Herbalism. Mushrooms collected from farms, plants and flowers from gardens. Both can be found near or inside Nharr-Tejj (the town north of the starting village). Alternately, you can build the farm when you get a settlement; gardens after reaching 200 points in Herbalism. What's it good for? - The potions can have a variety of effects. From instant mana and HP recovery, to increasing resistances and stats or simply as alchemical bombs. - Requires no gold from the player, only a little time to harvest the ingredients. - A lot of potion effects scale really well late game, much better than cooking which only offer flat bonuses. First off, a little potion calculator. This has the list of ingredients. On the line with the red square input the ingredients and your alchemical power and see the results. (I'm not 100% sure about the formula, but seems right.) Making potions. Let's say you gathered some ingredients. Next step is to make a campfire, the quality of the wood doesn't matter, or in a settlement, you can build and use an Alchemy Shack. Here, we'll need three ingredients. Plants, mushrooms and flowers. Each of these have a quality ranging from Junk to Legendary. Using higher quality ingredients makes more powerful potions, with a catch. Common and junk quality potions require one of each ingredient per potion. Uncommon potions, require 4 of each. Rare potions, require 16 of each and legendary potions ... 32 of each. Another catch is that you shouldn't mix offensive and defensive effects. You'll notice in the list that some potions have negative effects, but target the user. For instance, we'll make a potion that uses Parasol, a mushroom that damages armor, but increases the power by 30%. If you're wearing armor, it will damage a piece until it's durability reaches 0 (can be repaired). However, if you wear no armor, then there's no problem! Toadstool, similar effect increases power by 50%. So, it might be worth it. Some potions cause poison damage to the user. MASSIVE damage. It can instantly kill a full HP vindicator (tried it 3 times). The way to use this, is to first use another potion that increase the resistance to poison. For instance, reducing the damage from 40.000 to something like 4.000 or less. So far, we have some catches, problems, issues a lot of hassles, so, what is this worth it? Because some of the simplest potions to make can greatly increase your stats. A lvl 40 vindicator with a 400 alchemy points can make a potion using Common Dandelion (Flower), Rose (Plant) and Morel (Mushroom) giving the effects 680 Strength for 2 turns and an instant 2720 mana points. At that point in the game, this basically doubles your strength, increasing your damage output, HP and mana pool, and regeneration. (does not seem to stack with Warcry, however, if you use an intellect potion before casting Warcry, it may be even better) Other useful potions to make are those using Anemone flowers, they give resistances to various attacks. You'll still need some good stats on your own, but it will let you survive a lot longer. In the chapter of alchemical bombs, we have a few effects. Acid from mushrooms, can be thrown at a range and cause some damage. Frozen Cloud, Acid Burst and Explosive which cause damage to all enemies near the player. Lastly, the most important potion for the vindicator is the one with ... Webcap, junk quality mushroom, when used, executes an attack dealing 80% of your weapon damage as poison. If you have a two-handed axe dealing massive damage, electrical, and encounter an enemy that's almost immune to it, this potion will help you kill it fast. Additionally, potion attacks are not counted as skills or regular melee attacks, so, different cooldowns ... although they may still cause critical strikes. I'm not sure how the quality of potion is calculated based on the ingredients, however, take a good look before harvesting, because sometimes the power increase is too small to justify a 4 or 16 times increase in harvest time.