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Found 1 result

  1. Flamefrost features a system of "open-air dungeons" (OADs), which means that any city that is usually friendly can turn into a group dungeon (sometimes referred to as "instance") for the duration of a specific quest. Let's review how this works using the Hammersong City and a couple of quests available for it: 1) "Just Execution": elite group dungeon for levels 10-15. Can be obtained in High Court (Northgate Port) at N:55 W:65. 2) "A Battle to Die For": elite group dungeon for levels 30-35. Can be obtained in Silverhelm Hall (Northgate Port) at N:56 W:65. Note: objectives of both quests are based in Hammersong City, but the actual quest givers are situated in a different location. Note #2: The indicated dungeon levels will not restrict anyone from entering dungeons (i.e. level 50 character can potentially enter a level 10-15 dungeon), they are simply an indicator of the dungeon's difficulty. When a group leader enters dungeon for the first time, its content and all creatures are adjusted for your group's size: if your group is small, you will encounter smaller enemy groups; if you have 5 players in a group, you will see larger crowds of enemies together (consisting of approx. twice more characters than your group). Additionally, all non-boss creature difficulty is changed depending on your average group level: e.g. if your group consists of 2 characters, one level 10, the other - level 14, your average group level is 12, so all enemies you encounter will be of level 12 (health, damage and loot will be adjusted for level 12 player). Again, the dungeon creatures are adjusted upon the first entrance by the group's leader, so changing your group's size (i.e. recruiting additional members) after the dungeon is started will not affect its contents. Another thing to note is that the group dungeon contents are saved per player group, so if you abandon the group quest while completing a dungeon you will still see its contents (and it will remain active) until all enemies are killed, until every member of the group abandons the quest or until your group is disbanded. I.e. the easiest way to reset a dungeon is most likely to leave your group and create a new one. To begin a dungeon, only one group member needs to have the group dungeon quest (your group's leader will be prompted to select which group dungeon quest they want to begin by entering a dungeon). In other words, your group members will be able to assist with completing a group dungeon quest even if they don't have it. However, they may want to take the same quest if they want to receive a reward for completing the dungeon. Finally, it is worth mentioning that group dungeon quests come in two varieties: elite and regular. Elite group dungeon will most likely be oriented at a group of 5 players and all of its enemies will be elite creatures. Regular dungeons are often oriented at groups of 2-3 players, and some of them can even be completed solo. I think that's all the basics, but please let me know if you have any questions about OADs!