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  1. Trade Forum

    As the community gets bigger, we should encourage trade and services, especially for such a gear/craft-driven game, to increase community involvement for players. I think that the more we push the 'community / trade' envelope, the more likely newer players will stick around as it's easier to get help and what they need at fair prices. The forum would rely heavily on proper tagging to work well. I haven't experimented with searching via tags much, if it even exists here, but it would be something we'd want eventually to make this type of forum work well. In the case of Flamefrost itself, I think it'd be beneficial to have several subforums for various things players can 'trade' with each other. The main forum would probably house the generic 'WTB/WTS/WTT' posts. You'd probably have a subforum where people can post specific 'services' they might be offering. That would revolve mostly around crafting-type services, though I could see a small niche for walking lowbie toons through EX mode so they can get chests and stuff. I'm not sure how into this idea the rest of you might be, but I was also thinking a sort of 'Shop' subforum. Shop Posts are posts that each player gets exactly one of, and can describe what kinds of things they are regularly selling. You can be as vague or specific as you want, as long as it makes sense and isn't scammy in nature. The 'Shop' subforum would be a place for these kinds of posts. This is different from simple 'wanna trade' posts, since it lives and changes over a long period of time, whereas trade posts are just trading one or a few specific items for gold or something else. Regardless of whether or not we do subforums or anything like that, we at least need a singular place that is specifically for trading on a general scale, even if it's just one giant forum where everything gets stuffed. Thoughts and ideas are welcome