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Found 2 results

  1. I'm sure it's been suggested before, but it would be great to have equipable slots on our henchmen. Perhaps not to the same degree our own characters' slots, but maybe just main hand/offhand and boots/chest/head. Something that would allow us to increase their effectiveness as we progress and scale their gear.
  2. Henchmen

    Nhar-Tejjan: Kerthmon the Smith Cost: 300 (10% found gold share; +200 for resurrection) Level: 5 Joins battles; Repairs items Javiel the Merchant Cost: 100 (+20% found gold share) Level: 5 Sells/Buys items Sedriel the Cleric Cost: 400 Level: 3 Heals outside of combat Morton the Cook Cost: 200 (+5% found gold share) Level: 4 Creates food to restore health Axelies the Shifter Cost: 100 Level: 10 Teleports to water locations (lakes)