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Found 2 results

  1. Looking to join a guild?

    In order for this to be effective, the Flamefrost community will have to help. I am asking for the active guilds to use this as a place to idenitify themselves and let newer players know what, if any, requirements you have for your guild. This will be particularly helpful for those of us who are unable to play at the peak times. I am actually wanting to know more about the guilds available. Hopefully someone will try to recruit me. Thanks for your help guild recruiters!
  2. The ''Totem Moth'' Guild

    The Great Captains and Recruits that makes us Strong & Proud! The Island's of Dragonspit, await your arrival! We welcome all & we will teach our Ways! Together we will make a force to Reckon with! Let those who worship evil's Might! Be Done with Our Sight!