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  1. 1.0 Introduction: The goal of smithing is to increase the basic stats of gear. The basic stat for weapons is Damage and for armor-items it is armor-effectiveness. Smithing does not influence armor-value or enchantment boni like "-Increases Strength by x points". Skills: Blacksmithing (influences max improvement levels and success chance) Mining (main source for ingots) Disenchanting (main source for blueprints and charging state capsules) Conjuration (main source for capsules) complementary skills: Enchanting (useful to enchant freshly forged items with runes/bonus) 1.1 Basics: To craft an item, one only needs 3 things: A Blueprint, Ingots and a charged State-Capsule. -1.11 Ingots: Ingots are gained by melting down ores: Which ore and ingot one can get depends on ones mining skill. collecting mechanics: Every tick (~10 sec) while collecting/smelting a dice roll with your particular success chance occurs. Passing this roll grants between x to y ores. I do not know the exact numbers for x and y and if they are scaled with skill level or not (personal observations were x=1, y=20). An Ingots crafting potential plays an important role in smithing. The item level of an ingot determines if one can use it for an particular blueprint. However, this follows a tiered structure rather than absolute levels: tier 1 = level 1-5 ; tier 2 = level 6-10 ; tier 3 = level 11-15 ; tier 4 = level 16-20 ; etc. examples: Blueprint level 13, usable ingots : Copper, Iron, Bronze. Blueprint level 27, usable ingots : Copper, Iron, Bronze, Silver, Mithril, Gold, Platinum. Blueprint level 46, usable ingots : ALL. -1.12 Blueprints: Blueprints are found all over Naerath and also acquired by disenchanting an item. Blueprints also come in different qualities which do influence smithing results. The item level of a blueprint determines the min level of the finished item, meaning smithing will potentially only increase the required level and never decrease it. So it is possible to create a level 50 item out of an level 20 blueprint. But it's impossible to create a level < 20 item out of the same. The most important bit for required level of an crafted item is: Your character level limits the required level of an item you can craft, but not its power ! This means that a smith at level 30 can make better level 30 items than a smith at level 40. How much better the item will be still depends on ones smithing skill. Smithy trick 101: crafting a junk blueprint into legendary and disenchanting it will give you a legendary blueprint. -1.13 State Capsules: Empty state capsules are collected via the Conjuration skill and charged by disenchanting items. better quality does not increase the base stats of an crafted item directly but influence the required level of it. (level 13 legendary item can have an higher armor effectiveness than a level 13 junk item before turning into level 14) Charged "Junk" State Capsules are not required to craft junk items and thus are literally "Junk". Attribute requirement: quality in conjunction with level, determines the required attribute value needed to use the crafted item. formula: required_attribute_value = y * req_level +10. for junk and common y = 3 for uncommon, rare and legendary y = 4 example: crafting a lvl 14 common long-sword will require 52 strength (3 * 14 + 10). crafting a lvl 14 legendary long-sword will require 66 strength (4 * 14 + 10). note: this formula only counts for crafted items, looted items do not follow this! (looted items tend to have a lower attribute req.) *thanks to Dan for providing this info 1.2 Smithing: How much improvement levels a smith can apply depends on his effective Skill Points which are the sum of his natural skill level + gear bonus divided by 3. To see how Improvement levels / ingots /state capsule /blueprint quality effect the outcome take a look at this: x=0.8 with legendary blueprint: x=1.4 (pseudo) formula: armor effectiveness = x * improvement_level * ingot_bonus + base_value(no-ingot-value) x depends on blueprint quality and type: Medium Armour: Heavy Armour:Junk = 60% effectiveness (x=0.6) Junk = 80% effectiveness (x=0.8) Common = 70% effectiveness (x=0.7) Common = 90% effectiveness (x=0.9) Uncommon = 80% effectiveness (x=0.8) Uncommon = 100% effectiveness (x=1.0) Rare = 90% effectiveness (x=0.9) Rare = 120% effectiveness (x=1.2) Legendary = 100% effectiveness (x=1.0) Legendary = 140% effectiveness (x=1.4) *thanks to Hyperion for HyperX-ing 1.3 Conclusion: A smith of an particular character level can create the best items for this level and it's power is only limited by his smithing skill level. Using the best ingot influences greatly the result of smithing and thus the best results a smith gets start at blueprint level 46. In theory it is possible to craft UBER-Items: creating a character that only focuses on increasing his smith skill while trying to not level up could create some insane items for his level. (imagine a crafted lvl 30 item of a lvl 30 smith with maxed smith skill+all points into smithing + high smith gear) While its possible that a high level smith can create still usefull/good items for lower level players they will never be over powered. Specializing is greatly rewarded! 1.4 thanks and ending: Big thanks to Hyperion and Cajunfried2016 who helped me confirm a lot of assumptions/figure things out. Also thanks to all of Azure Storm for being awesome! and of course thanks to Dan for making everything in the first place I hope this will be helpful and cya later in Volume 2 alchemy... Thanks for reading ^.^ 1.5 P.S: "crafted by name" gets overwritten with "enchanted by name". In the name of all the smiths and crafters of Naerath and the whole Hammerforge Legion I kindly ask to make it so both signatures are stated on items. our egos need this !!