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Found 4 results

  1. Regime Change

    May it be recorded and officially observed that the on this historic day Naerath has finally, after many long years, been freed from the Fatekeeper yoke by the heroic efforts of the White Wyrm Tribe. While there are a few regions remaining obstinate in the face of change, much of Naerath has rallied behind us. We would like to encourage all new comers to Naerath to relect deeply on what this means for their Faction choice. Your new Warlord is now Hyperion the Scurvy Sun Dog. Your First Lieutenant is Weyah Silly Girl Dwarf Dancer. At the moment there will be no change in official policy. The ban against Desecrated Circle activities remains in force.
  2. It would help if we had a way of reaching the capital city of our faction faster, or made more visible on the map. The shrines are OK, however, when you want to train, or go shopping or something similar, you'll just pick the place where the most convenient shrine is or some other place you're used to. The idea is, that I belong to a faction, but other than some trade and party limitations, I'm not seeing much of it. Basically, I feel disconnected from what is supposed to be my capital city. We could have a quest at lvl 20 or something that would activate a shrine on the map to take us directly inside the city, as it does with the settlement, maybe even setting it as a respawn location. Also ... we should have a resource similar to gold (though not transferable) that is gained when fighting monsters to be used in our settlements for ... something. I don't know what. As it is, they are a convenience and entertainment, but no real use, in fact considering the added salvage skill it feels like a burden.
  3. Have you ever wondered "What are my faction's enemies?", "Who are my enemy's allies?" or something else along those lines? It can be quite difficult to remember all the relationships and alliances between the six factions of Flamefrost, so here's a "relationship map" illustrating them all. "Green" indicates an alliance (receiving shared bonuses from the regional and world domination), "Yellow" indicates neutrality between factions (i.e. neither friends or enemies, can help or kill other at a moment's notice) and "Red" means that the factions are enemies. (click on the image to enlarge)
  4. *Let my face & voice be a secret... yet to discover* Greetings, Iám lad Cedangar! A Recruiter of Totem Guild... We are the Gatecrasher Squad which is training serious and dedicated players! We also help Commoner's (new players), but for that you should join us. The one's that call Gatecrasher's pirates are infact pirates, not us! We are peacekeepers of Lands and In search of Allies! ----------*Bellow I brought some useful icons maybe Flamefrost could use one Day*----------