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Found 4 results

  1. Settlement Ideas

    How about attacking the settlement region as a whole instead? On grounds of having a common army. I can see the points in favour and against fighting within the settlements, there's no doubt however that the sites have high potential for more interaction. The way i see it, the lands are protected in some way or another, after all, they are sold to the landlords of Naerath. It could be that there's a certain amount of guards in these regions that protect against the bigger threats of the world. Naturally, no amount of local armies can stop all the invading incursions all the time, hence you need to build your defenses. However, the land would be safe from the threat of rogue players for a number of reasons: Firstly, they know who you are when they let you in, and keep a watchful eye on you. Secondly, there's the old saying, that even the most powerful wizard can't walk the street throwing fireballs. If a wizard were to go around nuking things, well, won't last too long being a wizard. This is why, rather than attacking specific settlements, you'd be rather speaking of attacking the settlement region as a whole. The logical first step to bring threat to the settlement region is to engage this defending armies made largely of real-state clerks There could be a common area that works much like the towns and areas we already have, working as "gateway" to the nearby lands. In this place you would be able to enter combat with soldier themed foes and also face threats like towers and spike traps! Also there's potential for far-fetched future ideas like player run shops (gasp) or faction funded buildings, guild halls or simply neighbour cooperation from the local landlords. Lots of ideas in this regards, for example, you can reach the pinnacle of transportation and build a two-sided magical gate to either bring war to the world or escape from it. Or failing that, an airship, but be wary, any world that has no birds and flying monsters is deemed unsafe for air travel. (there be dragons) Likewise, it can also become a place for marketplace, what with all the junk and food stuff being thrown every day and all? Scarce goods like timber that new players ask a lot could be found in here as long as some land owner makes it available. Again, this is on grounds of having more interaction between the players that have settlements. Now for the blights and boons of attacking a settlement region , landlords would earn bonuses and penalties accordingly to the amount of war being brought to their doors. Say, if you build an embassy you can send aid in exchange of benefits like reduced shop prices or something. If you build barracks you'll be helping the overall defense of the region, and benefit from increased local protection. Conversely, if the region is losing often, there could be a small penalty to reputation and happiness, and general unrest. There could be new issues arising in the court of justice regarding pillage and lack of proper security. And more importantly, you'll face increased risk of being raided in your own settlement. Lots of other ideas may apply, like spies, train spies and they may smuggle resources from other settlements. This won't be directly stealing from the warehouses, because of the aforementioned region armies, but rather be collecting materials straight off the quarries, farms and other sources, to be secretly shipped away to other lands. All in all, be it the settlement region or the actual settlements, it seems an interesting feature to have if you deem it possible.
  2. Domovich came up with a suggestion that I think is absolutely wonderful, if perhaps difficult to implement: chests in Exploration Mode that can only be opened by multiple people working in conjunction! Essentially, all parties would have to open their lock within a certain time of the other person(s) in order for the chest to open. As a reward for this, I would like to suggest rewards dynamically generated based on the strongest base attribute of the chestbreakers, if possible - each player gets 2 to 5 pieces of gear that are geared towards their build (light armour and bows for dex-based, etc.).
  3. Randomer Chests

    It seems like chests of a certain level are appearing always in the same spot. I got a level 3 chest three times in a row each in the same two spots in the span of an hour or so. I don't know if this was intentional, or did I just get lucky?
  4. Hey all, * 1.8 is live at last! * What does it actually include? - Combat fixes: Players leaving and re-joining a combat will disappear and re-appear correctly for all party members in the same combat. Hard limit on 8 concurrent spell effects has been set to reduce the number of SFX lags (and crashes) occurring in large battles. Character model loading speed has been reduced slightly in favour of it being a lot smoother: this will prevent browsers crashing from a sudden influx of new characters joining combat. Any character that has joined combat, but is still invisible in your browser because their character model hasn't finished loading, will now appear as an "hourglass" icon, allowing for you to select that character via the icon and interact in the same way as with a fully-loaded model. Miscellaneous browser-side performance improvements (hopefully you will see a lot fewer crashes from now on!). - Exploration Mode of the Glimmering Forest region. Entrance to the Exploration Mode is located at Glimmerfade's Castle (south-west of Tul'Zarran) and appears as a purple-ish dungeon door. Yes, this means that a couple of bosses (including Glimmerfade) are going to relocate into the Exploration Mode and will not be possible to fight on their own. Exploration Mode is not considered to be an active combat as such, so you can perform almost all actions that you would normally in a Travel Mode, including: changing your equipped items, dropping items on the ground (which will become available in Exploration Mode only), allocating attribute points, upgrading spells etc. As many of you suspected, this new mode introduces the concept of "objects": items dropped on the ground (including loot that falls out of the slain enemies), chests, altars, crafting locations and other things will be possible to encounter and use by clicking on them if your character is standing close enough. However, all peaceful activities become blocked by presence of hostile creatures. For example, you can use a wooden log to start a campfire in Exploration Mode and cook food while standing close enough to the campfire object, but this won't be possible if there are enemies nearby. After you've been spotted by a hostile creature you'll either have to kill it or run away and hide: Exploration Mode introduces another feature called "line of sight", meaning that your characters can only cast spells and use abilities on each other if their view isn't blocked (e.g. there isn't a tree or a wall between them), and you can also hide from enemies behind objects. While you're hidden, an NPC will search for you for up to 30 seconds (navigating around the places where it's seen you last) and after that give up and return to whatever it was doing previously. At that point you will regain access to the non-combat abilities and objects. Among the encountered objects you will find crafting and resource gathering locations, objects that award you with experience points for finding them ("Exploration Mode" bonus) and locked objects (chests, specifically). To unlock an object you will need to complete a "mini-game" puzzle by raising pins composing a grid-like lock. A successful lockpicking attempt will award you with experience points and teach your character a new skill: Lockpicking. Lockpicking levels increase your chance to disable a pin securing it in the unlocked position permanently. Please note that unlocked objects remain open for a limited amount of time and a new lock will be re-generated on them a few minutes later (so make sure to loot quickly! ;)). There are various levels of locks around (between 1 and 3), each more difficult to pick than the others. However, higher level locks provide greater rewards: for instance, a level 3 lock usually secures items of Legendary quality. All items found in Exploration Mode, be it from slain enemies or locked objects, are generated for your current level (+-2 levels). You will also notice that all enemies encountered in this mode are "levelless": similar to Faction War NPCs the Exploration Mode's creatures have a level of "??". This means that each fight in Exploration Mode can be joined by players of all levels, making it challenging for everyone (as well as rewarding; remember, all loot is generated for your current level). At the moment all PvP in Glimmering Forest is disabled for obvious reasons: level 1 characters should be able to enjoy the game alongside level 80 enemies. However, this may change in the future as I am planning to introduce a set of new PvP rules and mechanics (but more about that when the time comes). Please note that this is our very first public test of a very big change, so I will need your feedback in order to fix and optimize things. In other words if you have any thoughts or run into any issues - please share them with me ASAP (although just positive feedback on its own is more than welcome too :)). In any case, I hope you enjoy this little transformation of the Glimmering Forest!