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Found 2 results

  1. Bank improvement

    If expanding the bank would transform the bank view into a secondary inventory (meaning a grid display just like our current inventory is displayed) I would immediately spend $30 to expand it just to have a secondary inventory that I didn't have to scroll through. The scrolling bank display is the sole reason I don't purchase an expansion on it now. It's too annoying/slow/difficult to organize what I want to hold in the bank.
  2. "Flamefrost Legacy 1.3.0: Rift of Darkness" Released on: 27.05.2016 Have you seen any level 73 characters fighting monsters of level 150 recently? Well, you're about to! The new Flamefrost expansion named "Rift of Darkness" features a number of exciting updates, specifically: The forces of Desecrated Circle have outgrown their old tower and took over the Hellgate Citadel, which is their new Faction Capital. In the Circle's absence, a number of high-level undead creatures have inhabited Tower of the Wailing Void under the leadership of a demon called Harbinger of the Apocalypse. Because of that the Desecrated Circle is now more powerful than ever and for the next two weeks (until the end of Sunday the 12th of June) all members of that faction below level 30 will have their XP gain increased by 200% (to a total of 300%). Apart from the new faction city, the Hellgate Citadel now features 2 high-level dungeons: one for levels 45-50 and another for levels 50+. Jewelcrafting. Trinkets, rings and necklaces are now possible to enchant and disenchant. Additionally, the new skill of Jewelcrafting allows to craft your own blank trinkets using the associated blueprints. Please note that Jewelcrafting uses the *empty* Property Container gems as a core material to create items, so make sure that you conjure a few and don't charge them prior to making your trinkets! You can engage in Jewelcrafting at any Jewellery vendor. Level 50 Roll to XP conversion: Characters of maximum level (i.e. 50) will now receive an amount of experience points instead of rolls for any quest and daily rewards. One roll equals to 1,000 experience points allocated between all skills with at least 1 manually assigned skill point. Planar Travel is now available for level 50+ characters along with 3 Elemental Planes to visit: Fire, Air and Water. Having completed a level 50 quest named "Material Escape" aimed at defeating Harbinger of the Apocalypse the characters will receive a number of Planar Shards, which will allow to access the Elemental Portal at the top of Eye of Naerath. Every plane has its own rules and attributes (your campfires will not last long on the Elemental Plane of Water!) and the regional influence does not apply to any world other than Naerath. You will not be able to build shrines there and dying while outside of Naerath will bring you back to the material plane, which means that you will need more Planar Shards to return. Planar Shards are extremely rare and difficult to obtain, and there are only three ways of getting more: 1. By completing the "Material Escape" quest again: possible to do every 8 hours with the boss respawning every hour. This is not a group dungeon quest and the spawn time is shared between all players, so make sure you cooperate in slaying that demon! 2. By purchasing more Planar Shards inside the Eye of the Storm city (using Shards of Power, see below). 3. By purchasing Planar Shards on the auction if any player is generous enough to sell them. Considering the overall difficulty of obtaining the shards selling them may be quite a profitable enterprise. Planar Arenas: "Eye of Embers" and "Eye of the Deep" are two new locations on the Elemental Plane of Fire and Water which introduce a brand new combat element into Flamefrost - arena battles. Each battle started against any creature while in these locations will not end upon the creature's defeat. Instead, the combat will last 10 waves with the incremental difficulty, number of enemies, random challenges and bonuses for the NPCs. Slain enemies on the arena drop no loot, but every wave survived will reward players with the "Shards of Power" that are used as currency in the elemental city of air known as "Eye of the Storm". All enemies on the arenas begin at level 50, but players can travel deeper into the planes by using the Planar Travel skill (upon entering the arena) in order to increase the arena's difficulty by raising your enemy levels up to your total skill's value. Fighting enemies higher than level 50 not only rewards you with more experience, but will also award more Shards of Power which can be exchanged for valuable loot or training in the Eye of the Storm. There is no limit to the level of enemies you can fight, the maximum arena difficulty is determined purely by your total level of Planar Travel. However, if you do not have any Planar Travel oriented items and haven't raised this skill before - no worries, you aren't stuck! All arenas are shared between players, which means that a friend with a high level in Planar Travel can start a battle against a creature of any level and let you join afterwards. Please note, however, that joining arena battles is only possible on wave 1. The two existing arenas have slightly different rules and the starting/maximum number of enemies. Additionally, Eye of Embers is a "Free-for-all" PvP arena, while the "Eye of the Deep" is PvP-neutral. Elite Levels. Visiting an Elite Trainer in Eye of the Storm will allow to exchange your Shards of Power for Elite Character Levels. Elite Levels do not raise your skill caps or affect skill experience in any way, but will increase all attributes slightly (by 3 points each). Your Elite Level will be added to the character level so you may appear as a level 51+ character to the others ("Inspecting" an elite character will reveal its total value of elite levels on its own). There is no limit to the number of elite levels you can obtain, but the training cost will grow with each level. New rankings. Elite Levels and Arena Champions will now be ranked and displayed among the other statistics here: https://play.flamefrost.com/rankings.php Legendary Vendors at Eye of the Storm. The elemental air city vendors do not accept gold and sell their goods only for the Shards of Power (you will not be able to sell your stuff while in there at all). However, all of their goods are quite valuable: Eye of the Storm vendors only sell legendary items for levels 50, so there should always be something to spend your shards on. And a series of fixes and enhancements, as always. This expansion is now live. Please make sure you refresh the game via Ctrl+F5 to apply all updates.