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Found 3 results

  1. So you want to craft?

    I am pretty new to the game. As such, crafting is still a major hurdle. I am going to share what I've learned about it, but I won't go into alchemy here. Look up the alchemy crafting guide for that. If anything here is wrong, I'll edit this. First, you will have to grind a lot to get your skills higher. Start early! Grinding is mindlessly harvesting ingredients like gems, state capsules, ore, wood, herbs, plants, runes, etc. Considering the max level to get the highest ingredients is around 400 or more for each skill, you will be grinding a lot. You can get items with modifications (or mods), but they generally won't go above 140 for each item. So unless you have 4 items with 100+ mods on them for gathering your ingredient, you'll need to grind. Anything you gather can be sold at most merchant stalls that have a coin icon, regardless of level. If the merchant level is way higher than you, click on the "View All" button in the lower left corner to bring up the merchants to trade with. A few merchants will only have quests available. You'll learn pretty quickly who can be traded with. Chatting to other players while grinding is a great way to meet other players and ask questions! I encourage everyone to chat it up. It makes the game more interesting, and you can probably make friends. To craft anything, you will need blueprints for everything except cooking, as well as ingredients and property containers or charged state capsules for most. Ingredients are unique for each craft. Cooking requires meat or plants, herbs and cooking oil. Tailoring requires textiles. Leatherworking requires pelts. Blacksmithing requires ingots. Carpentry requires treated wood. The level of the blueprint determines what you will need to craft. General rule is ingredients and property containers must be the level of the blueprint or lower. Conjuration is your best friend if you plan to craft any items like armor, shields, bows, wands, or jewelry. It is not required for cooking. Conjuration will get you state capsules, property containers and runes. If you pull up the world map, click on "Crafting Resources" at the bottom. You will see icons for Public Farm, Public Garden, Woodcutting Camp, Enchanting Circle, Mine Entrance and a few with weird names that all have the same icon (these are lakes where you can conjure). You can get runes at the Enchanted Circles, and state capsules and property containers at any of the lakes. Property containers are level specific to whatever you are crafting. State capsules are not! Once you are able to get the next higher level of state capsule, stock up on them and sell any lower level empty capsules. This will save you room in your backpack. Property containers should be whatever level range you are trying to craft, within the 5 level range (1-4, 5-9, 10-14, etc.). So if you are trying to craft a level 13 item, you will need a level 10 property container. You are a failure! Yep, you will fail your first attempt at anything. This makes you learn the skill. From there on out, you are the captain of your destiny. You can level up pretty quickly if you have a lot of junk items to craft with. Sure, you will be crafting junk items, but the experience is the key. Plus, you can sell everything you craft. Some people want to learn every crafting skill. This sounds great in theory, but learning more than 2 or 3 will mean less experience per craft when you level up in the game. My recommendation is to spend 1 skill point per craft in the early levels, then don't bother as you will automatically gain levels in crafts and gathering every time your character levels up and at other points in the game. Base skill + skill points + mods = game level for a skill. If your base skill is 30, you spent 10 skill points on it and you have mods that boost the skill by 20 points, your game level for that skill is 30+10+20=60. You can always add skill points at any time when you level up, so save those for later unless you plan to only craft. Otherwise, you will need those skill points for armor, offense and defense. If you do plan to only craft, spend all your skill points on whatever crafting skills you want to perfect. A level 10 character can produce some pretty awesome items for any level character. You will only be able to do this effectively for cooking though, since you need blueprints for everything else. Blueprints can generally only be obtained by killing critters, unless you can buy them in the auction house or get them from other players. The blueprints available will be dependent on the level of the critter. Side note, tailoring will require you to have the salvage skill, which is only available if you have a land deed and a salvage station, or a lot of people are selling textiles in the auction house (very rare). I don't recommend this for anyone less than level 10. ONLY build a salvage station if you don't want the hassle of gathering resources and taking care of settlers for your land. I'll stop here for now and add to it later.
  2. Recrafting Guide : Master Artisan

    *INSERT COOL TITLE HERE* Few things to note : Skills needed for general re-crafting : Mining (for Crystals needed to enchant) Conjuration (for Gems needed to put mods in) Disenchanting Enchanting Equipment-Related Crafting ( Blacksmithing / Jewelcrafting / Woodworking / etc. ) Let's cover our Basic Needs. I am re-crafting 2 pieces of my medium armors in this guide ( hence the crafting skill used is blacksmithing ) DISENCHANTING Now that we have covered our basic needs, first thing we should do is disenchanting. And here's where most people are confused. Which Container gems should we use? First, what are you disenchanting for?. Do you just want the blueprint?. Do you just want the rarity?. Do you just want the mods?. Do you just want the skill exp?. If you only want the Blueprint, or Rarity, or Skill EXP, you don't need a container. But if you want all of that along with the mods inside, your equipment HAS TO BE WITHIN 5 LEVELS BELOW the container gems. All the available Gem levels can be multiplied by 5. So, if you're crafting a level 22 Shoes, your wanted container is a level 25 gems. And if you want to craft a level 48 shield, your container needs to be level 50 gem. Most of the game mechanics use this 5 level range rule. In this guide, I am crafting a level 59 Legging and Shield, so, my gems are level 60. In my case, I want to keep cooking mod inside my legging as is, and I don't care about what's inside my shield anymore. CRAFTING YOUR ARMOR Related crafting guide is self explanatory. IMPORTANT If your new equipment changed in level. CRAFT IT TWICE. Mainly because you cannot raise an equipment level above yourself (although you can still craft from higher level blueprint), and all the excess skill points will directly translate into armor effectiveness or weapon power. So, going by that rule, crafting equipment yourself will ALWAYS be better than getting it done by someone else. The only exception is if that someone is at the same level as you. my level 51 legging and level 50 shield, smithed first time to 59 second crafting for best result ENCHANTING We're onto the last part of the guide. Enchanting is only slightly different than disenchanting. We're putting Mods we get from disenchanting into equipment we just crafted. The Catalyst is Mineral Crystals, and the extra components are Contained Mods from disenchanting and Runes . Now, the confusing part is that the equipment level MUST BE at least the same or below the crystal, and the Contained Mods gems (and Runes) CANNOT be above equipment level / range. What you can put inside the equipment depends on it's rarity and your enchanting level. Legendary Equipment with high enough enchanting level can contain 5 at most ( 3 stat mods, 1 skill mod, and 1 rune --- or ---- 3 stat mods, 1 skill mod, and 1 exp mod ) As I've said before, I want to keep my Cooking mod inside my legging, and replace everything in my shield with a new ones. All done now, here's the Finished product :
  3. I think it would be nice if people could put multiple skills on items, but I can see why that might be a bit OP. (I play an Incantrix, and with INT and four different offense magics would be pretty nuts for my damage.) However, at the very least, it would be cool and totally not game-breaking to put multiple craft skills on items. We already have very limited space compared to the sheer amount of stuff in this game. 64 inventory slots + 10 bank slots to carry everything we want / need, but 5 gather skills and 10 craft skills in total. The craft skills have a LOT of pieces for all of the ones I've been using so far. Being able to fit multiple craft properties on gear would help alleviate this a bit for dedicated crafters. (If you've played other games, you know the hoarder's curse.) And getting to the multiples of 100 in dis/enchanting is no easy feat, so you'd have to work at it to make this possible, too. There is not much ROI for Enchanting right now, if you're more interested in the crafting aspect of the game as opposed to just combat and quests. Putting your game focus on crafting is pretty tough at this time. But no matter what, we should definitely have an ingame warning, or something similar (maybe just make it impossible?) when trying to add multiple properties on an item when it won't work. I just lost a disenchant 34 property because I had no idea this limitation existed. Thank you for your time!