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Found 1 result

  1. Playable Races Tul'Rahx are the only civilized race of the North that one would never consider as such upon a first encounter: their huge, muscular and aggressive appearance bears more resemblance to the wild trolls than any intelligent beings with cognitive thinking. Still, Tul'Rahx are exceptional warriors capable of defending their honour with any weapon or object that comes at hand. Short, tough and very proud, Dwarves represent a race full of bold surprises, sarcastic comments, sceptical views and strong alcoholic drinks. Very conservative by nature, northern Dwarves love their traditions, ancestors and wars started in the name of one or another. Humans of Fyr are not the largest or the deadliest creatures that inhabit the north. However, their will to survive, desire to tame the untameable and adapt the world to themselves made humans one of the largest and most powerful civilizations in the mortal realm.