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  1. Gods & Religions Nothing happens without a reason and in the world of Fyr many reasons originate from religion. The universe of Flamefrost is ruled by a number of greater beings, each responsible for a particular aspect of life or a component of the material plane. A list of deities as well as the divine influence score of your character can be accessed in the game by opening "Inventory" -> "Reputation" -> "Religions" tab. There are four levels of gods and deities in Flamefrost: 1. Demigods: originating from mortals who have transcended beyond their abilities. 2. Lesser gods: responsible for "micromanagement" of the specific, smaller aspects. 3. Intermediate deities: gods who acquired a greater range of aspects and powers due to a large number of worshippers. 4. Greater gods: the oldest and most powerful of the deities, responsible for creation of the universe. The current list of active Fyrian gods is located below. Arkh Arkh, the God of Justice and Universal Balance, is one of the greatest deities of Fyr and Naerath. He does not partake in the definition of good and evil, but only concerns himself with the incarnations of order and chaos: the two eternally conflicting forces with the potential to shatter the universe's structure, should one of them prevail. In Arkh's church, an evil act is considered to be the one that threatens stability of a well-balanced environment (such as extinction of a specific life form) or brings an unnatural or devastating change to the material plane of existence. Myriul Myriul is a lesser deity responsible for corruption, greed and mischief, leading to any form of illicit personal gain. Although there are no official temples of Myriul, his followers are aplenty: thieves, marauders and other representatives of the lowlife criminals focused on the personal enrichment at any cost. Sylthenea Sylthenea is the goddess of magic and elemental energy. She is one of the greatest deities of Fyr, not only fuelling spells of all wizards and sorcerers, but also bringing to life millions of magical creatures, constructs and elementals. Baelathor Baelathor is the god of darkness, fear and oppression, promoting the inferiority of mortals and their dependence on the higher powers. Although an intermediate deity in power, he has an immense influence over the material plane and has a legion of followers in all planes of existence. Not only there are countless temples of mortals bringing sacrifices to Baelathor on a daily basis, he is also worshipped by the extraplanar fiends and evil immortal beings. Merkheen Merkheen is an intermediate deity of commerce, tactics and negotiations. Worshipped by many leaders, merchants and adventurers, he has helped many to evade or prevail in a challenging social situation, as well as arrange a more beneficial deal for all parties involved. Corinthul Corinthul is a lesser god of nature, weather and wildlife of the material plane. Although primarily worshipped by druids, he has altars in more civilized parts of the land too, allowing the merchant caravans and travelling adventurers to pray for the favourable weather conditions during their journey. Exalia Exalia, also referred to as the Great Mother of Hope, is the goddess of life, restoration and rejuvenation. As a greater deity, Exalia has an abundance of temples caring for the sick and crippled, and provides aid for the needing regardless of their allegiances and their past. Fyriel Fyriel is an intermediate goddess of light, courage and heroism. Being an exact opposite of Baelathor, Fyriel strives to promote and fuel the positive mortal qualities, believing that every living creature has the right to live a fulfilling and harmonious life, free from threats of the extraplanar evil. Clerics of Fyriel are often seen fighting the undead, waging crusades against slavery and assisting Arkh's paladins in defeating chaos. Immerxil Immerxil is the god of pain, suffering, destruction and bloodshed. Unlike Baelathor, Immerxil does not promote any philosophical views and simply revels in meaningless sadistic acts that make others miserable. Lack of a well-defined dogma is most likely the reason why he's never grown beyond the rank of a lesser deity. However, he's still worshipped by a large number of psychopaths and bloodthirsty maniacs causing a lot of grief for the other mortals. Wyneshia Wyneshia is the lesser goddess of sea, seafarers and naval vessels. She is also known as the collector of drowned souls, deciding fate of all the unfortunate mortals who met their demise in the depths of the sea. She does not have many temples, and most of them are located on the remote islands or in the locations close to some body of water.