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Found 6 results

  1. I think it would be nice if people could put multiple skills on items, but I can see why that might be a bit OP. (I play an Incantrix, and with INT and four different offense magics would be pretty nuts for my damage.) However, at the very least, it would be cool and totally not game-breaking to put multiple craft skills on items. We already have very limited space compared to the sheer amount of stuff in this game. 64 inventory slots + 10 bank slots to carry everything we want / need, but 5 gather skills and 10 craft skills in total. The craft skills have a LOT of pieces for all of the ones I've been using so far. Being able to fit multiple craft properties on gear would help alleviate this a bit for dedicated crafters. (If you've played other games, you know the hoarder's curse.) And getting to the multiples of 100 in dis/enchanting is no easy feat, so you'd have to work at it to make this possible, too. There is not much ROI for Enchanting right now, if you're more interested in the crafting aspect of the game as opposed to just combat and quests. Putting your game focus on crafting is pretty tough at this time. But no matter what, we should definitely have an ingame warning, or something similar (maybe just make it impossible?) when trying to add multiple properties on an item when it won't work. I just lost a disenchant 34 property because I had no idea this limitation existed. Thank you for your time!
  2. Fletching Station AWOL

    Not to be a nudge, but... The White Wyrm Tribe Village Bolt and Arrows Fletching Station (N:6 W:19) isn't giving me the option to fletch (read: no button). My reputation is in the positive with WW, too.
  3. Inventory suggestions

    Hello! I looked a bit in the forum and seen nothing about inventories suggestions! After 3/4 days playing, I see few things that could be improved. 1) having a possibility to sort items in the inventory i.e. by quality, by use (craft, stuff, etc). 2) not randomizing the stack where the item is used for crafting! (if I have 3 stacks of wood, I would like to empty 1 befor it use from other stacks. For now looks like it's randomly.) Making like 1st in inventory is use, or the stack with less in it. 3) being able to stack 2 same items (I tried variouse ways to put a stack of 5 items with a stack of 15 same items and I can't!) instead of exchanging place Welcome to add your own suggestions. And sorry if some things are just cause I am noob and don't know how it works as stacking items Syrnael
  4. Long time no news! Mostly that's because of all my efforts being focused on developing the Flamefrost's 2nd edition, which is now almost complete (should be with us quite soon! ). However, there's still been an important adjustment to the crafting system made following your suggestions & feedback: base items of all crafts are no longer restricted by your character's level. In other words any level character can disenchant items of any level, as well as enchant/craft blueprints of levels higher than theirs. However, the base item's level is no longer considered in the craft's XP reward calculation; current character level and the item quality are used instead. Additionally, improving items via the "Improve" button now awards even more XP than the non-improved items. The new XP formula looks approximately as follows: [base XP for the selected craft] x [quality modifier] where: [quality modifier] = [character level / 10] x [item quality] Quality modifier can be increased by up to 100% depending on the amount of skill points applied to "Improve" this particular item. Additionally, base chances to create Junk, Common and Uncommon quality items have been increased to make it easier to start crafting. From now on, you have to have 20 skill levels for a 100% chance to craft Junk items, 100 skill levels for 100% chance to create Common items, 200 - for Uncommon items. Rare and Legendary item creation chances remain unchanged. As always, please let me know if you have any questions, feedback or concerns. P.S. Answering some of the questions I've been asked in the game below: 1) Success chance update affects all crafts except Salvage, which still follows its own independent rules. 2) This update does affect Alchemy and Cooking. However, it is planned to review and re-balance the Cooking/Alchemy items, as at the moment there's very little difference between "Junk Food/Potions" and "Legendary Food/Potions"; Junk will be made weaker, higher quality items - more powerful. So stay tuned for another update somewhere in the near future.
  5. I Need Wood!

    Hi all. Quick issue. With my base skill of 54 in Carpentry I can collect the first four lumber options up to Trollwood. As a test, I decided to wipe my skill points to up my collective Carpentry another 65 points (currently, based on latest levels I have a collective total of 129 Carpentry). The game gives me the option to collect the next tier of lumber, the uncommons, Ironwood, Darkwood, and Ebony. However, when I select these item to collect, I just get zero. I even let it run for over an hour. I also verified the game didn't lock or have other issues including doing a refresh, selecting a different collection Woodcutting Camp, and even a different computer. If I changed back to Trollwood, instant successful collection. Eesmurph
  6. Crafting: General Guide

    Following the change log record dated 18/01/2016, the time has come to share some more information about the new crafting skills and the associated processes. There are currently 6 core crafting skills that allow to create new in-game items and 2 accessory skills that apply to most of the core skills. Some of the core skills utilize a "sub-skill" needed to obtain their crafting ingredients (e.g. mining for blacksmithing). However, some crafting skills work on their own (e.g. Alchemy). The core skills are: 1) Blacksmithing 2) Leatherworking 3) Tailoring 4) Carpentry 5) Alchemy 6) Cooking And the 2 accessory skills that interact with the existing items are: 7) Disenchanting 8) Enchanting Although each skill requires a similar number of crafting ingredients (a base item, a catalyst and at least one effect item or an "extra"), crafting ingredients come from a variety of sources and some of them are a result of another crafting skill. Therefore, some crafts are more "layered" than the others, and some of them are easier to master without performing other crafts. For example, all ingredients for Alchemy can be found in gardens and public farms; this skill does not relate to another craft, even though it has a sub-skill of "herbalism", and can therefore be considered "easy". Blacksmithing, on the other hand, is the most complex skill in the game as it touches two other crafts (disenchanting and enchanting), utilizes a sub-skill of mining and requires the catalysts to be processed (ore transformed into ingots). More on each skill in the separate threads in this forum! There is a cap of 10 skill levels per character level, so a level 50 character can raise any craft to 500 by practising it. However, you can exceed that maximum via the skill bonuses from magical items, plus you receive 5 skill points to allocate wherever you like upon each level up (skill points are manually added on top of the skill levels obtained via practice and ignore the skill cap). One character can master every single craft, there is no restriction. But it will take a while, as the more skill levels you have in total, the more experience it takes to get to the next skill level. E.g. for a character with no skills it takes around 100xp to get to the second level of carpentry. However, if I have 500 in blacksmithing and enchanting, it would take a lot more than 100xp for level 2 carpentry. And one more thing I should probably mention in relation to crafting is what the skill levels actually affect and stand for: Your crafting level does *not* limit the core items you can create (i.e. you can equally attempt to create any kind of armour or weapon even with 1 skill level, provided that your blueprint's level is lower or equal to your character's level), but it does affect the chances of item creation and maximum quality you can build (and for enchantment/alchemy/cooking the skill level allows to add more effects to the crafted item). For example, with level 1 blacksmithing you can craft Junk quality weapons and armour, with 15% success chance. Attempting to craft items of higher quality (common, uncommon etc.) is possible, but the success chance drops to 1% and below, so without a bit of practice on the Junk items you're likely to just waste the resources. And most importantly, skill levels allow you to "improve" the final values of your items by "[skill level] / 3". For example, if you're building a sword that would initially deal 10-15 damage (initial value defined by the item's level on the blueprint), which is increased to 20-30 by the rare metal that you decide to use, and your blacksmithing level is 300, you can improve this item by x100, meaning that the final damage of this sword would be 2000-3000. As you can see, buffs and item enchantments increasing your blacksmithing level become really useful here, as with a skill level going beyond the allowed maximum you can potentially craft some really powerful weapons and a very strong armour (possibly better than what you could get from the quest rewards or looting). Almost: blueprints will remain of the same quality (which depends on the quality of item you're disassembling: disassembling a legendary item will charge the State Capsule with a "Legendary" quality and produce a better blueprint in general), but the higher level disenchanting allows to detach more special effects from the item: for example, if you only have 1 level in Disenchanting, you can use only 1 Property Container gem in the process, so if an item you're disenchanting has 3 enchantments your Property Container will be charged with one random effect (and all others will be lost). However, if you have 300 levels of disenchanting, you can use 3 Property Containers which will absorb all enchantments from the item you're disassembling. Of course, if you're not worried about the enchanting you can omit the Property Containers entirely and just obtain the blueprint with a charged State Capsule. In this case you're only worried about disenchanting levels because they increase your general chances of success (attempting to process a Legendary item on level 1 disenchanting would probably be unwise and lead to a complete disaster :)). Please do not hesitate to post if there are any other questions you'd like me to answer!